We're Going on a Flavor Tour: Regional Dishes of the Black Sea

We can taste most exquisite dishes in cities like Istanbul. In fact, by renting a car in Istanbul, you can more easily reach various culinary spots. However, the flavors we experience in Istanbul are not quite the same as in the regions where the dishes originate. It seems as if the local air and water of the region make the food delicious. Here are some of the most famous dishes from the Black Sea region:

1) Anchovy Pilaf

Fishing is quite common in the Black Sea region, with anchovies being one of the most favored seafood. Over time, numerous dishes have been made from the abundantly available anchovies, making them delicious. The dish becomes both visually appealing and tastefully fulfilling when anchovy fillets meet the freshest greens from the area, carefully arranged on top of the pilaf.

2) Cabbage Soup

The name cabbage soup is not commonly used in the region; it's typically called beet soup. Depending on the area, corn kernels might be added. It’s both nutritious and low in calories. For those who like it spicy, adding some hot red pepper flakes can make it even more delicious.

3) Cabbage Rolls

Since cabbage grows abundantly in the Black Sea region, it is diligently used and consumed in almost every dish. Cabbage rolls are one of these delicacies. The unique aroma of black cabbage, when combined with the mixture inside, creates a melting flavor in the mouth.

4) Beans

In the past, beans were considered a rich man's dish. People from the Black Sea coast wouldn’t know this because it's a commonly grown crop there. The Black Sea style of beans actually uses fresh beans, as the entire plant, not just the beans, is utilized in cooking.

5) Kuymak

Corn flour is widely used in the villages of the Black Sea region. In fact, nobody buys bread there; they make their own from corn flour. When cheese, corn flour, and butter are combined, a delicious dish known as kuymak emerges. Every year, many local and international tourists rent cars in Trabzon just to taste kuymak. There are many places in Trabzon where kuymak is made, and its taste is enhanced by Trabzon’s unique Black Sea climate.

6) Siron

Siron, which is very similar to faux dumplings, is widely made in the Black Sea region with thin pastry sheets. Round siron pastries are topped with garlic yogurt. Delicious minced meat is then served on top of the yogurt. A delicious and quick alternative to traditional dumplings.

7) Cheese Pide

A person from the Black Sea coast wouldn’t just ask for a pide when in Istanbul; they would specifically order a "Black Sea pide." Pides made in villages famous for their stone ovens are now also available in some bakeries and restaurants, following the decline of stone ovens over time.

8) Rice Pudding

The Black Sea region is also the homeland of rice pudding. In fact, many of us have heard of the famous Hamsiköy rice pudding. The pudding is likely delicious because it is made with milk from cows that graze in the region. It is of course served with the famous Black Sea hazelnuts on top.

It is clear that the air and water of the Black Sea region greatly influence all these flavors. For easier access to these famous dishes, you can rent a car through Elitcar's website. There is an Elitcar rental location in almost every city in the Black Sea Region. Enjoy your meal in advance.