About us

Who are we?

Elitcar is a platform for car rental with 20 years of experience in interior and abroad. It is preferred by more than 1000 travel agencies in 41 countries in Europe, has its own software system and serves a hundred thousand of tourists.

What do we do?

We serve the requests for daily car rental all around Turkey with our digital products, our software system and our own agencies. We ensure stress-free service with our own vehicle fleet and our comprehensive supplier network. 

What is our difference?

As a big family, we create realistic goals with numbers and statistics and are aware of that we serve the tourism of our country. We work for the satisfaction of our customers with Turkish hospitality.

Our vision

To be a platform for car rental that manages the largest European vehicle fleet and to serve satisfied customers with an innovative and sustainable ecosystem.

Our mission

We work day and night with the first 100% domestic software for the happiness of our customers and offer our guests an innovative, fast and trouble-free car rental experience with our strong technological infrastructure.

Our priorities

Customer Orientation

We call our customers as guests and we take care of their satisfaction. We organise all our product and service processes according to the expectations of our guests.


We treat our guests, employees and all of our partners transparently at every step. We communicate and make sure that our customers are informed in the best possible way in every phase. We are not committed to a service that we are unable to deliver by keeping our word. We do not aim to make money, but strive to win trust.


We believe in the power of software and innovation and are inspired by the founding history of our company. We take advantage of the technology to be informed and to get results. We don't hesitate to invest in news, just like since our first day.


We do not handle with work or projects that we are unable to calculate and measure in consequence of daily, temporary ambitions. We make sure that each of our values leaves its mark. We proceed by working collectively and not individually. We consider not only today, but also the next day, when making decisions.

Profit orientation

We don't let anything distract us, when we fulfil our responsibilities. We prioritize any work that affects our customers and design our work plan according to this. We do our work measurable and reportable.


To achieve common goals, we act as a team. We share both success and failure. We do our best to achieve a productive and happy workplace environment. Also we develop necessary strategies to build up transparent and trust-based communication between our employees.


As the Elitcar family, we are like an ear, because ears bend when they grow. We are growing by making our customers happy and act modestly with our growth. According to this principle, we choose and develop our human resources department.

Our Human Resources Policy

We maintain international standards, improve ourselves constantly and create in all our activities the same opportunities for our employees. We appreciate all types of ideas that contribute our company goals and offer a work environment in which our employees can prove their potential performances at the highest level. We strive to create an employee profile that develops its professional life and has a high level of motivation, social competence and added value with the model "continuous development, continuous innovation with Elitcar". We offer trainings, events, overseas trips and multinational business opportunities to our teammates.