Welcome to Elitcar,

Now relax a little bit ... Because soon you will find the car you are looking for and you will rent it with the most favorable price.

Since 2005, we are striving to ensure that your car rental process is complete and flawless. Every year our customer base is increasing by 30% and this is a huge success for our company. We are proudly remember that we have caught up with over 500,000 happy customers who have always recommended us with peace of mind and we continue our work with this responsibility. We are working with all of power for you to provide you with hassle free car hire services with 24/7 open Istanbul based call center and 80 delivery points in Turkey.

It is very important for us to experience a perfect car rental experience. We follow the technology and renew ourselves constantly so that you can get more beneficial help from our website and from our call center. We are trying to stock the vehicles that you may need in all regions and determine the best prices for the period that you want to rent.
At the airport car delivery, we welcome you at the passenger exit gate and we deliver the car in the parking lot or passenger waiting areas. We believe that  one of the most important elements in terms of "satisfaction" is to inform our customers in the most accurate way during the reservation phase. For this reason, we share all kinds of information clearly during the reservation phase. For example,if there is a statement in our website such as "unlimited mileage", instead of saying "you need to pay the mileage rate you have exceeded the mileage limit" at the end of your rental , we clearly state this statement on our website.

Our work arithmetic is briefly as follows;

  • Reservation
    • Find your suitable vehicle for yourself and initiate the process.
  • Booking Confirmation
    • We will review your reservation according to availability of the vehicle and we will call you back when the process is done.
  • Car Delivery
    • On the rental day, our personnel will contact you and bring your car into the location which it was specified earlier
  • Contract
    • It gives information about your reservation and possible situations and rental contract will be done mutually.
  •  Security
    • For your safety and satisfaction your car will be delivered to you after the car has been checked.  
  • Return
    • While you are returning your car, you can contact with our personnel so that you make the return without having trouble.
  • After Service
    • After your rental you can submit our satisfaction survey which we sent it to you.

Because we use all of our experience for you to get an enjoyable car rental experience.
We want our customers to share their experiences with us.
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