Car Rental in Ankara!

Immediately after Ankara car rental, you can start exploring Ankara with the vehicle you received.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey and the second most populous city, has many beauties worth seeing.  The city, which has a deep-rooted history, welcomes millions of visitors every year with its historical and cultural sites, fascinating museums and impressive city parks. The places to visit in Ankara are endless.  You can take the first step to explore Ankara to the fullest by renting a car.  You can start exploring the streets of the fascinating city by taking advantage of the address delivery service or the airport car rental service.

Ankara Traffic Information

One of the issues you need to know before using Ankara car rental service is traffic.  Traffic, which is the common problem of all big cities, unfortunately does not leave you in Ankara either.  If you plan your business trip or trip considering the departure and return times of the business, you may be able to get rid of the traffic to some extent.  However, it may make you more tired than exploring Ankara without renting a car.  If you are going to Ankara by air, you can take advantage of the Esenboğa Airport car rental service. In this way, you will not waste time on public transportation vehicles and you will not pay tons of money for taxis.

Elitcar Rental, which offers Ankara car rental airport service, is one of the most preferred car rental companies. For your corporate car rental needs, you can contact Elitcar Rental and take advantage of affordable car rental opportunities.


Travel Tips – Places to Visit in Ankara

You can explore Ankara freely by using Ankara car rental service.  The places to visit in Ankara are endless.  Ankara, the capital of today, whose history dates back almost 5000 years, is a city that is loved by those who go with its deep-rooted history, unique culture and delicious tastes.

When it comes to places to visit in Ankara, Anıtkabir is definitely the first thing that comes to mind.  It would not be possible to return from Ankara without visiting Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at his resting place.  Ankara's city parks are also quite famous. Kızılay Square, Güvenpark Kuğulu Park, Botanical Park, Seğmenler Park can be places where you can relieve your tiredness and get plenty of oxygen.

You should also add Ankara Castle, Hamamönü, Atakule, War of Independence Museum, Ankara Republic Museum to your list of places to visit in Ankara.  As we said, the places to visit in Ankara are endless. Just as the places to visit do not end with counting, the accommodation areas in Ankara do not end with counting. You can choose the one that suits you best among accommodation facilities suitable for every budget and taste. You may need more than one day to explore Ankara.

10 Activities to Do in Ankara

As the places to visit in Ankara do not end with counting, the list of activities to do is also quite long. However, we have compiled 10 activities to do in Ankara to guide you.

  •  Visit Anıtkabir: One of the first activities to do in Ankara is to visit Anıtkabir.
  •  See Beypazarı Houses closely: One of the most beautiful examples of Anatolian architecture.
  •  Take a stroll around Eymir Lake: Nature and lake view together.  The natural beauty of the lake will turn your head.
  •  Enjoy the city from Ankara Castle: Many structures from the Ottoman Period will welcome you in the castle.
  •  Do not return without visiting the Atatürk Forest Farm: You can visit the zoo, have a picnic or go for a walk in the farm, which was established on a land given to Atatürk by his own instructions.
  •  Go to the Presidential National Library: It is a must-visit place for book lovers.  The library, which draws attention with its architecture, hosts over 4 million books.
  •  Listen to the Presidential Symphony Orchestra: The indispensable address of quality music.
  •  Experience the cable car in Keçiören: You can have the opportunity to watch the most beautiful view of Ankara from a bird's eye view.
  •  Explore the famous Kızılay Square: Do not leave Ankara without exploring the square in the heart of Ankara.  In addition, you can eat meals that will make your stomach feast in the famous restaurants of Ankara located in the square.
  •  Say goodbye to the day in Mogan Park: You can end the day peacefully and calmly in Mogan Park.

What Kind of Cleaning Precautions Are Taken Within the Scope of Covid 19?

With the Covid 19 epidemic that affected the world, more people turned to driving or renting a car rather than public transportation.  Accordingly, with the increase in the demand for car rental services, necessary cleaning and disinfection measures have started to be taken in rental vehicles.

Elitcar Rental, which provides car rental service in Ankara, regularly disinfects its rental cars and presents them to its customers with all hygiene conditions. While carrying out your transportation in an isolated way, you can protect your budget with the economical car rental service.

The company, which provides services to many locations, especially Ankara car rental airport, also delivers rental cars to addresses. With Ankara car rental service, you can make an isolated transportation and protect your health.

Why Should You Prefer Elitcar for Ankara Car Rental Solution?

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers its customers perfect Ankara car rental service with more than 80 car delivery points throughout Turkey. Continuing its activities with its understanding of safe and quality service, Elitcar also offers many advantages.  It offers cheap car rental services by including motor insurance and other insurances, VAT and 24-hour road assistance in its prices.

You can also rent a car at very affordable prices by making an early car rental reservation.  Get ready to go by choosing the most suitable one for you and your needs among Ankara rental cars. You can choose from manual or automatic car rental service.

How to Rent a Car in Ankara?

Today, the demand for car rental service is increasing day by day.  You may also need to rent a car when you go on a business trip or travel.  Car rental is very easy with Elitcar Rental!  You can make a fast and secure car rental reservation on our website.  You can choose the most suitable one for your needs among the Ankara rental cars that come out by filling the place where you will take the vehicle, the pickup and return dates.  Whether you want to rent a diesel car or rent a gasoline car... Rental vehicles suitable for every need and budget are at Elitcar Rental.

What is the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long Term Car Rental Price in Ankara?

Car rental prices vary depending on many factors.  Factors such as the duration of the car rental, the features of the rental car, the extra features requested are effective in changing the car rental prices. You can see the daily car rental prices by visiting our website.
You can also contact our customer representatives for long-term car rental prices.  Elitcar Rental, which offers cheap car rental, provides a peaceful and safe road experience.

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