Rental Conditions

Driver Information

Driver requirements are listed in "Vehicle Details " in reservation process page which is in our website. If your licence, your age and your licence age is valid you will be considered as "Suitable Driver". Drivers and additional drivers are required to have a driver licence (which is valid and international)  while signing the "Car Rental Contract". Car insurance   will be invalid if damage is caused by people who are not registered in the lease contract.

Rental Time

The minimum rental period is 24 hours (1 day). Please call our call center 444 4 315 for monthly or longer term leases.

In case of possible delays

You should inform our call center in case of possible delays.If the delay is exceeding 2 hours or if the delay is not notified in due time, the car rental fee will be collected in cash or from your credit card.


Our vehicles are usually delivered with a nearly empty fuel tank and take back with the same amount of fuel. This process is for protecting our customers against possible miscalculations.

Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle Delivery:  Delivery process will be in a specific location which is mentioned in reservation form.

Airport: At the airport deliveries, passengers will be welcomed at the departure gate by a written sign. (While you are waiting your luggage , you can contact with this number +90 (850) 333 35 48 for your car delivery ) Your landing time will be checked through your flight number. According to operation team, vehicle deliveries can be done at closed car parking area or specific locations (open area)  which our operation team has been determined.  The delivery personnel will meet you and the delivery will take place after the contract has been processed.

Address Delivery: If you want to take your car from a specific address, the extra delivery fee will be applied.  If the distance of this address to our nearest branch is more than 10 km, our call center will contact you by e-mail or telephone to determine this fee.

Bus Station: Since we have no offices at the bus terminals, the distance to the bus station will be calculated and the delivery fee will be determined according to the distance.

Insurance and Securities

The insurance details are clearly stated on the lease contract and on the website.
Below you will find explanations of all insurance options .Insurance application may differ according to the location. Articles are mentioned in the reservation confirmation document or rental contract.

Full Automobile Insurance: Our vehicles are fully insured against accidents, bumps, strikes. For other cases, you can check the Mini Damage Package options.

Mini Damage Package: Protects you in cases where you can not keep a police report such as tire tear, break glass, headlight breakage. This package offers the advantage of repairs with the declaration of the tenant in damage of up to 750 TL (Turkish Liras).

Personal Accident Insurance: This insurance secures the driver and the passangers in the vehicle within the limits of the insurance. This insurance's details are listed in "Compulsary Traffic Insurance" policy.

Financial Liability Insurance: The insurance covers compulsory financial liability (traffic) and also  covers  the losses within the limits set by the third parties. This insurance's details are listed in "Compulsary Traffic Insurance" policy.

Traffic Penalties

Radar penalties , highway and bridge runaway fines will be written on the license plate and these penalties will be notified by the relevant authority. If the date and time of the penalty belongs to you at that specific date and time, the relevant document will be sent by e-mail. You are requested to pay your payment to this document within the specified time and account numbers, or you will be charged by your credit card. If the penalty amount is not paid, the leasing contract will be handed over to contracted law offices together with your identity information and criminal notification and legal follow-up will be  initiated.

Kilometer Usage Limits

Our vehicles must be used in accordance with the principle of fair mileage. The  details for the use of the mileage are clearly stated in the reservation page's  article called " Included in Price" category. For further usage, you can contact our call center for information. If the mileage limit is exceeded addtional mileage is calculated as 0.15 € per kilometer.

Payment Terms and Security

Vehicle rental fee, additional product and service charges together with the amount of the security deposit will be collected at the beginning of the rental via customer's credit card or cash in advance. Depending on the amount difference that may occur at the end of the rental, the credit card will be charged or re-paid. The customer has to be ready in our branch personally and no credit card which belongs to the additional driver or the other person is accepted.

Collateral Fee
In addition to the rental fee, in some cases a deposit may be required. According to the vehicle groups, the amount of the collaterals which are listed under the heading of the reservation steps and the prices may vary between TL 500 and TL 2,000 and it is  collected from the customer's personal credit card at the beginning of the lease. These collected collateral amounts  will be returned within 14 business days later if the vehicle is returned to us as it was delivered to you.

We use SSL security certificate at to make your reservation safer.

Changes to reservations and conventions

Reservations made through from our website or from our call center:
After you confirm your reservation and before your arrival date, you can change the vehicle group, the reservation date, add and remove additional products. Some changes may cause price differences. In case of change of "taking branch", it is necessary to cancel the existing reservation and create a new reservation. Unfortunately, the price of your previous reservation will not be valid for your new reservation.

Early Return
If the vehicle is returned before the end of the rental period, the price will be recalculated according to the number of days the vehicle will be used. Due to cancellation of the agreement,the  amount of 3 days rental will be refunded by credit card, or cash  due to the vehicle being idle.

Rental Extension
If the rental is requested for longer than the reservation period after the lease begins, the surcharge will be charged by cash, from the credit card or account transfer.

No-Show Application
If the vehicle is not picked up after the departure time of your aircraft, the vehicle will go into No-show status after waiting 1 hour and no vehicles from any group will be guaranteed. Your no-show reservation will be canceled at the end of 2 hours.

Cancellation and Refund Application
Reservations can be canceled 24 hours prior to the reservation date and no charges will be charged to you in such a case. In case of cancellation without any justification, your customer registration is taken to the black list in our system and your next leasing needs will not be answered positively.

Other Important Issues

  • All fees for the rental are collected from the customer's credit card or in cash. Virtual card or debit card is not valid.
  • In the event of any damage, you must notify the Traffic Police or the Traffic Gendarme crew about the incident and get the "Alcohol Report together with Police Report" and do not move your vehicle from the accident location.
  • If the vehicle is stolen, the police should be called and a "Theft Detection Report" should be taken. Along with the report, the vehicle's key should be handed over to us.
  • You can call our "Emergency Helpline" on +90 850 333 3548, which is available 24/7 in Turkey, in case of an accident, vehicle stolen, malfunction, tire explosion and any emergency assistance.
  • No insurance is valid outside the borders of Turkey and it is forbidden to take our vehicles out of the borders of Turkey. Please check the delivery form and contract.
  • Your car rental reservation is made for only vehicle group and no brand and / or model warranty is given.
  • Renter; In the case of a vehicle which is delivered in good condition and in good condition, misuse and / or carelessness, (Including, gearbox failure due to incorrect gear change, damage caused by continued use of the vehicle when the warning light is turned on, damage caused by hitting the underside of the car, damage to components such as tire and rim, malfunctions and damage caused by fuel, etc.) Including all kinds of mechanical and electrical, including any damage and losses are accepted and committed to pay. All damage and losses, including mechanical and electrical, are not covered by insurance and security.
  • The winter tire option is offered as an additional product and is a paid service. Winter tire varies according to region and branch and is limited to stocks.
  • Your financial analysis * may be requested in some cases, such as the first rental, so that you can make a reservation for all vehicle groups and domestic resident customers. Your financial analysis report must be valid for Elitcar leasing criteria. You can do your financial analysis by calling our call center on +90 850 333 3548.
  • * "Your financial analysis is available at T.C. Your identity number and your GSM number registered in your T.C. bank. After receiving this information in the inquiry, you need to confirm the message sent to your GSM number registered in T.C.
  • During your monthly rentals, you will receive an invoice etc. indicating your address confirmation. This document must be submitted to our company