Explore the City by Renting a Car in Antalya

You can start to explore Antalya with your car that you will receive right after Antalya car rental.  Antalya, Turkey's tourism paradise, continues to host its visitors not only in summer but also in all seasons.  You will be amazed by Antalya with its natural beauties waiting to be discovered and the historical beauties that will take you to the past, there are countless places to visit in Antalya. The first way to explore Antalya in a comfortable way is to rent a car.  You can start to visit the magnificent sea, nature and historical buildings of the city by taking advantage of the address delivery or airport car rental service. 

 Antalya Traffic Information

One of the issues you need to know before using Antalya car rental service is traffic.  Traffic, which is the problem of every big city, unfortunately does not leave you in Antalya.  When planning your touristic or business trip, you can get rid of the traffic for a while if you consider the business departure and return times.  However, exploring the city without renting a car can tire you out both financially and temporally. Even if you will come to Antalya by air transportation, you will not waste time on public transportation by taking advantage of Antalya Airport car rental service.

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers its customers a comfortable transportation with its Antalya car rental airport service.  You can also take advantage of affordable car rental advantages by choosing Elitcar for your corporate car rental needs.


Travel Tips – Places to Visit in Antalya

After getting Antalya car rental service, you can start to explore Antalya.  When it comes to sea, sand and sun, the first thing that comes to mind is Antalya, the capital of summer holidays.  Some of the places you should visit in Antalya, which will fascinate you with its deep blue sea, magnificent bays and wonderful beaches; Side, Kaş, Kemer, Belek, Alanya, Kalkan, Manavgat, Beldibi… You can explore unexplored coves and have fun on the beaches in these supernatural places.

There are countless places to visit in the fascinating city decorated with the curves of the Taurus Mountains.  It will take you to the past with its historical places.  Antalya Kaleiçi is a place that dates back to the Hellenistic period and contains structures from the Ottoman - Seljuk periods.  Another historical place that should be visited is the Antalya Museum.  Hadrian's Gate, Grooved Minaret, Antalya Aquarium & Fear Trophy, Aspendos, Perge are some of the places you should visit when you go to Antalya.

One day is not enough to explore Antalya and enjoy its sea.  You can choose the most suitable one for yourself among Antalya accommodation areas suitable for every budget and need.

10 Activities to Do in Antalya

Just as the places to visit in Antalya do not end with counting, the activities to be done do not end with counting. However, we have compiled 10 activities to do in Antalya as a guide for you.

  •  Take a walk on the Lycian Way: Lots of greenery and clean air will accompany you on the road, which has a history of more than 3 thousand years.
  •  Have a picnic in Dim Stream: You will have a very pleasant time in this place, which is intertwined with nature.  Then you can visit Dim Cave.
  •  Spend a pleasant day at Manavgat Waterfall: The view of Manavgat Waterfall is astonishing.  You can enjoy the view while drinking tea in the tea gardens and you can do activities such as jeep safari and rafting.
  •  Witness the beauty of Olympos with the Olympos Cable Car: You can witness the beauties of nature with the world's second longest cable car, Olympos Cable Car.  The taste of seeing Olympos from the top is something else.
  •  Join Adrasan Suluada boat tour: You can join boat tours to discover Turkey's Maldives, Suluada.
  •  Get to the bottom of fun and adventure with rafting: It is a must-do activity for those who go to Antalya.  It embraces all adventure lovers with its many beauties.
  •  Scuba dive: Are you ready to discover the colorful world of the submarine?  With its clear waters and uniquely beautiful bays, Antalya is one of the first places that comes to mind when scuba diving is mentioned.
  •  Reach the summit with paragliding: An exciting adventure awaits you with paragliding, where you will witness many beauties of Antalya from the top.
  •  Tour the Old Antalya Houses: Old Antalya Houses will fascinate you with their architecture.
  •  Explore the history by visiting the Antalya Museum: The museum, where unique artifacts obtained during excavations in Antalya are exhibited, is among the best museums in the world.

What Kind of Cleaning Precautions Are Taken Within the Scope of Covid 19?

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, today, people are turning to their personal vehicles or car rental services rather than public transportation. When this is the case, it has become mandatory to take the necessary cleaning and disinfection measures in car rental services.  All hygiene conditions are provided by disinfecting the rental vehicle before and after delivery.

Elitcar Rental, which disinfects its rental vehicles regularly, cares about the health of its customers.  By choosing Elitcar Rental, you can travel in isolation and enjoy the privilege of renting a car at affordable prices.  Providing services to many points, especially Antalya car rental airport, the company also delivers the cars you rent to your address.  With Antalya car rental service, you can protect your health during the pandemic period.

How to Rent a Car in Antalya?

Car rental is now very easy with Elitcar Rental!  Today, the demand for car rental service is increasing day by day.  You may need a car rental service when you go on a business trip or travel.  You can rent the vehicle that suits your needs easily and quickly on our website.  Our company, which provides services with a quality and safe approach, also offers many privileges to its customers.  With the privilege of cheap car rentals, VAT, automobile and other insurances, and 24-hour road assistance are included in its prices.

You can find affordable prices by taking advantage of early car rental reservations.  You are ready to explore Antalya by choosing the most suitable one for you among Antalya rental cars.

How Much Are Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long Term Car Rental Prices in Antalya?

Car rental prices vary depending on many factors.  Some of those;  The features of the rental car, the duration of the rental car, the extra features requested... You can have information about the daily rental prices by visiting our website.
You can also contact our customer representatives directly for long-term car rental prices. Our company Elitcar Rental, which offers cheap car rental services, provides you with a safe and peaceful road experience.

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After completing your paperwork at the car rental company, you should examine the vehicle in detail with the officer and report any scratches or cracks.  You will not be held responsible for previous defects by having even the smallest defects reported.  You should open all the doors, trunk and hood of the vehicle and check if there is any problem in the mechanisms.  If the rented vehicle breaks down, will it be replaced?  If the vehicle you rented breaks down, you should contact the car rental company.  The company will send a new one to replace the defective vehicle as soon as possible.

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