Fiat New Egea Sedan Car Rental

Fiat New Egea Sedan car rental is one of the most popular services recently. All Fiat branded models are remarkable in Istanbul car rental point. It offers great advantages to drivers, such as comfortable usage and fuel saving. It is possible to achieve comfortable usage with its special interior equipment. As Elitcar, we offer all services flawlessly to our customers. You can also call us or download our user-friendly mobile application to benefit from these privileges. With fast returns in your Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport car rental service and other airport car rental services, you can rent a car without disrupting your travels. You can create your requests by selecting the services that suit your needs on our website.

General Information about Fiat New Egea Sedan

Many people who will receive İzmir car rental service choose the Fiat New Egea Sedan model. These vehicles are compatible with both Apple and Android devices and are equipped with new generation technologies. Thus, they manage to offer a high level of comfort. At the same time, these vehicles also gain great appreciation with their external appearances. It becomes a car that appeals to every taste thanks to its different color options. Its ergonomic design ensures that drives are comfortable and safe. Renting a Fiat New Egea Sedan is one of the right choices to make. You can enjoy uninterrupted travel with Adnan Menderes Airport car rental services in your İzmir travels.

Fiat New Egea Sedan Equipment Features

Many people who will receive monthly or daily car rental service prefer the Fiat New Egea Sedan model. These vehicles have also managed to attract attention with their equipment features. Chrome outer door handles prevent problems such as rusting. Hill start assist system keeps safety at the forefront even on the most challenging roads. Apple Carplay and Android Auto Support offers uninterrupted music listening or movie watching pleasure along the way. You can also browse through the Fiat New Egea Sedan rental models through Elitcar. You can also benefit from our different Egea model rental services with our Fiat New Egea Cross rental services.

Cargo Volume

Fiat New Egea Sedan also succeeds in catching the attention of drivers in fleet rental. You can benefit from our Fiat New Egea Sedan car rental services not only in city centers but also from airports. You will receive a smooth rental service with our quality business processes in addition to Fiat New Egea Sedan rental prices that are suitable for your budget. The cargo volume of these vehicles is also among the curious topics. Fiat New Egea Sedan models have the widest luggage capacity in their class. These vehicles attract attention with a 520-liter luggage capacity. Thus, you can easily carry everything you need during your travels.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption of the vehicles is extremely important for those who will make long-term Fiat New Egea Sedan rentals. The fuel consumption of Egea Sedan models may vary in city and out of city. At the same time, the fuel consumption rate is directly related to the usage style. 

Fuel Consumption Out of City

Fuel consumption is of great importance for those who will rent a Fiat New Egea Sedan car. The same applies to Audi car rental as well. Out of city fuel consumption is done at maximum 120 km speed and 7 kilometers distance. At this point, the speed is semi-fixed and semi-variable. This test is conducted after the city test. Therefore, the engine is at the ideal temperature. On average, about 63 percent of out of city consumption is collected. According to the factory data, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is 4.5 liters per 100 km out of city. 

Fuel Consumption in City

Fiat New Egea Sedan rental prices are among the details that people who will receive this service care about most. Fuel consumption rate differs in city and out of city. The city fuel consumption of Fiat New Egea Sedan cars is 7.7 liters per 100 km. 

Comfort Features of Fiat New Egea Sedan

The comfort features in rental Fiat New Egea Sedan models also attract a lot of attention. The depth and height-adjustable steering wheel provides comfort during usage. At the same time, the electric front and rear windows also gain appreciation. Moreover, the air conditioning and multimedia features also manage to catch attention. 

Heated Seats

Seat features in Fiat New Egea Sedan models are also among the details that gain appreciation. Special bottom-heated seats provide comfort to individuals during driving. At the same time, the soft fabric texture ensures that comfort is experienced at the highest level during sitting. Parallel color and fabric texture play a significant role in the stylish appearance of the vehicle. You can get to know this comfort closely by renting a Fiat New Egea Sedan through our company.

Cargo Volume

The volume of the vehicle's cargo is an important issue that is paid attention to regardless of the brand and model. The cargo volume of each vehicle varies. Vehicles with large cargo volumes provide significant advantages, especially during long journeys. The cargo volume of Fiat New Egea Sedan models is 250 liters. Thus, you can achieve comfort during your long-term travels.

Lane Keeping System

The lane keeping system was not available in the previous versions of Egea models. The lane keeping system feature is highlighted with the renewed Fiat Egea Sedan models. With this feature, when Egea vehicles unexpectedly deviate from the lane, the lane keeping system comes into play. Thus, it manages to keep the car in the lane.

Outstanding Features of Fiat New Egea Sedan with Dynamic Design

Fiat New Egea Sedan performs road scanning during driving thanks to the camera details located on the rearview mirrors. The Intelligent Speed Assistant, which works with its Traffic Sign Recognition System, detects speed limits on traffic signs scanned and limits the vehicle's speed. Another remarkable feature of Egea is the Driver Fatigue Warning System. The movements of the driver are monitored by sensors. Thus, the level of fatigue is detected. If it is determined that the drivers are tired, the vehicles warn them to take a break.

Fiat New Egea Sedan Rental Conditions

There are some procedures among the Fiat New Egea Sedan rental conditions. You can check the rental conditions on our website. Thus, you can benefit from rental services for different periods such as long, short, or monthly. You can always contact us regarding your questions about Fiat rental.

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