Car Rental

Car rental means having a vehicle for a certain fee and within certain time intervals. Car rental is a method of renting a vehicle, usually for people who do not own a vehicle or for those who travel to another city and want to move around more comfortably. Car rental is done in two ways: long-term car rental and short-term, i.e., daily car rental. Long-term car rentals have different pricing than daily rentals. So, what should you pay attention to when renting a car?

Things to Consider When Renting a Car

When you decide to rent a car, the first thing you need to research is a reliable car rental company. After your research, you can go to the reliable company you found and rent your car. During your research, also review the prices of the cars. Some companies can claim to provide quality service by offering very high prices. Instead of renting a car at high prices while it is possible to rent a car at a more reasonable price, make sure to choose a company that offers affordable rates.

When going to rent a car, make sure to take your driver's license with you. Because car rental companies do not provide car rental services without a driver's license.

Don't forget to sign a contract stating that you have rented the car and paid the fee. All car rental companies provide this contract without you asking; however, if the company you go to is malicious, they will not say anything about the contract. Therefore, by requesting the contract, you should secure yourself.

Make sure that the contract includes important information such as the fee you paid, the date you received the car, and the date you will return it, and make sure it is correct.

In addition to these, your contract should also include information about how much penalty you will pay if you do not return the car on the expected return date.
Check the interior and trunk of the car you received. This way, you guarantee yourself in case of any problems later on.

If there are any scratches, peeling, or other issues on any part of the car, ask for them to be included in your contract. This way, you will not encounter any problems when returning the car.
Some companies make their customers sign promissory notes. Make sure that the promissory note you signed is not blank, and never sign a blank promissory note.
When receiving the car, make sure to also check the fuel. Also, you should definitely find out if the car you rented has insurance and comprehensive coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental

People who want to benefit from car rental services often have questions and want to find answers to these questions. Generally, frequently asked questions about car rental services are as follows:

What is the legal procedure in case of an accident?

As mentioned above, when using car rental services, you should find out about the insurance and comprehensive coverage of the car you rented. If you have an accident after renting your car, you should contact the rent-a-car company immediately after the report is prepared. If you have an accident within the framework of the conditions offered by the comprehensive coverage, you will not encounter any problems. However, if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving, all fault will be yours, and you will not be able to benefit from the comprehensive coverage.

What should be the fuel status of the car I rented?

If the car is delivered to you with an empty tank, you should also return it with an empty tank. If the car is delivered to you with a full tank or a partially full tank, you should return it with the same amount of fuel. In short, you should return the car's tank as it was given to you, either full or empty.

Which car should I rent?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. The best car for you is the one that can meet your needs. Therefore, you should contact car rental companies.

How are insurance and comprehensive coverage handled?

Every car you rent must have insurance or comprehensive coverage. If you rent a car without insurance or comprehensive coverage and have an accident with this car, you may have to cover all expenses. Therefore, when renting a car, you should definitely check the insurance and comprehensive coverage of the car you like.

What should be done in case of roadside assistance?

If you are stuck on the road with the car you rented and need to call for assistance, you should also inform the car rental company about this.

What happens if I return my car late?

When you rent a car, the contract you make should inform you about the penalty method the car rental company will apply if you return the car late. Generally, the pricing is calculated on a daily basis, and you will pay for each day you are late in returning the car.

What are the benefits of renting a car?

Renting a car does not tie up a large amount of your money in one place. You can use different cars by renting a different car whenever you want. In addition, you save yourself from a lot of expenses such as tax, tire, cargo, and insurance.