Explore the City by Renting a Car in Zonguldak!

You can start exploring Zonguldak with the vehicle you will receive right after the Zonguldak car rental process. Zonguldak, one of the most beautiful cities of the Western Black Sea Region, hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.  Zonguldak, which is seen as a commercial gateway for the Black Sea countries, is also a very preferred city in terms of business travel, as it is very rich in terms of underground resources.

The best solution to explore the places to visit in Zonguldak, breathe in its historical atmosphere and be fascinated by its natural beauties is to rent a car in Zonguldak.  You can explore the city freely by taking advantage of the airport car rental service.

Zonguldak Traffic Information

One of the subjects that you should be aware of before using the car rental service in Zonguldak is traffic information.  Traffic, which is the common problem of all big cities, is almost non-existent in Zonguldak. However, when planning your business trip or touristic trip, you can consider the hours when the traffic is not rushed.

Exploring Zonguldak without using the car rental service will wear you out both financially and morally.  If you are going to the city by air, you can take advantage of Zonguldak Airport car rental service.  Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, facilitates your transportation with Zonguldak Airport car rental service.  For your corporate car rental needs, you can contact Elitcar and take advantage of suitable car rental opportunities. 


Travel Tips Places to Visit in Zonguldak 

You can explore Zonguldak to the fullest by using Zonguldak car rental service.  Ereğli Museum, also known as Halil Paşa Mansion, is one of the places to visit in Zonguldak, which attracts attention with its historical sites, natural beauties and sea.

You can examine the works of civilizations such as Greek, Byzantine and Roman in the mansion.  You should add the Tieion Ancient City and Filyos Castle in Çayurcuma district to your list of places to visit.

Your other route can be Kozlu Iliksu Spa. After the spa stop where you will find healing, you can also visit the Cennetağzı Cave.  Another cave you should see is Gökgöl Cave, which is an active dripstone cave in Üzülmez region.  You will be fascinated by the view of Harmankaya Waterfall and you will feel a great peace. 

You can go to Kilimli Beach to get the beach air.  Here you can relieve the tiredness of the day and enjoy the fresh air.  When you come to Zonguldak, it is impossible not to stop by Alaplı, where the most beautiful plateaus of the world are located.  In addition, Beykoz Castle, Karakoçlu Beylik Tomb, King Tomb, Yağmurca Rocks are among the places to visit in Zonguldak.  You can choose one of the accommodation areas in Zonguldak to tour the city for several lengths. 

10 Activities to Do in Zonguldak

The places to visit in Zonguldak do not end with counting, and the activities to be done do not end with counting.  We have compiled 10 activities to do in Zonguldak as a guide for you.  

1) Travel back in time in the Ancient City of Filyon: The ancient city, which dates back to ancient times, will take you back to the past. 

2) Go to Halil Paşa Mansion: Also known as the Ereğli Museum, you can see works from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods in the mansion.

3) Go on a mysterious journey in Gökgol Cave: Walking between the columns in the still active cave will excite you.

4) Visit Hellagza Caves: Exploring this cave will add a different atmosphere to your trip.  

5) Go to Kozlu liksu Thermal Spring: You will see another face of the city with this hot spring.  One-to-one to seek healing.  

6) Immortalize the Plane Trees of Conquest: You should take a photo with the plane trees planted after Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul.  

7) Take a walk in the Çitdere Nature Reserve: You will not realize how time flies in this park, which nature lovers love.

8) Enjoy the view at Kızılçapınar Dam Lake: One of the most beautiful views of Zonguldak.  You can enjoy the magnificent view and the weather with your tea or coffee. 

9) Visit Zonguldak Mining Museum: You can trace the traces of hard coal mining.  This museum will help you get to know Zonguldak better.  

10) Go to Gazi Alemdar Ship Museum: The museum, which is one of the places that sheds light on history, will give you a different atmosphere.  We recommend you to eat local dishes in the famous restaurants of Zonguldak.  

What Kind of Cleaning Precautions Are Taken Within the Scope of Covid 19?  

With the Covid 19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, today, many people prefer to use their personal vehicles or car rental services instead of public transport.  Therefore, it has become mandatory to take the necessary disinfection and cleaning measures in car rental services.  Elitcar Rental regularly disinfects its rental cars and offers all hygienic conditions to its customers.  By choosing Elitcar's, which attaches great importance to the health of its customers, you can continue your transportation in isolation and take advantage of the privilege of renting a car at affordable prices.  Providing service to many locations, especially Zonguldak car rental airport, the company also delivers rental cars to your address.  By choosing Elitcar Rental, you can protect your health during the pandemic period.  

How to Rent a Car in Zonguldak?

It is very easy to rent a car in Zonguldak with Elitcar Rental. Today, the demand for car rental services is increasing day by day.  

You may also need a car rental service for business or touristic trips.  You can rent the vehicle that best suits your needs quickly and easily on our website.  Acting with a professional and quality service approach, the company also provides many advantages to its customers.  By offering cheap car rentals, it has included VAT, motor insurance and other insurances and 24-hour road assistance in its prices.

You can also find very affordable prices by making use of early car rental reservations.  You can start exploring Zonguldak by choosing the most suitable vehicle for your needs and for you among Zonguldak rental cars.  

How Much Are Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long Term Car Rental Prices in Zonguldak? 

There are many factors that affect the change in car rental prices.  Some of these can be counted as rental car features, car rental period, requested extra features.  You can find out the daily car rental prices by visiting our website.

For your long-term car rental needs, you can contact our customer representatives directly to find out the most suitable long-term car rental prices for you.  You can protect your budget with cheap car rental opportunities.  

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