Kars Harakani Airport Car Rental

Kars Harakani Airport Car Rental Prices

It is not possible to provide a clear price information for car rental prices at Kars Harakani Airport, as there are many factors that affect the prices. The factors that affect airport car rental prices include the model, features, brand, other specific requests of the customer, and the length of the rental period. You can visit our website to get information about daily car rental rates. You can filter the results by entering the location and date for pick-up and drop-off, and get information about daily rental rates of the vehicles that suit you. You can also contact our customer representatives directly for your long-term car rental needs. Our customer representatives will provide you with special long-term car rental prices and conditions. You can benefit from many advantages by choosing Elitcar Rental for cheap car rental.

General Information about Kars Harakani Airport

Kars Harakani Airport, which was opened to air traffic in 1988, is the largest gateway to Kars, which has hosted many civilizations throughout its history. Located in Karacaören village of Kars, the airport is 6 kilometers away from the city center. The airport, which started to serve in the new terminal building with an area of 35,946 square meters in 2013, hosts almost a million passengers per year. In addition to being the largest airport in Eastern Anatolia, it is also the airport with the highest altitude in Turkey, with an altitude of 1795 square meters. The airport, which has been called Kars Harakani Airport since 2015, attracts great attention especially in the winter season.

If you want to explore the beauties of Kars and the surrounding provinces, you can choose Kars Harakani Airport flight and reach the city quickly. The interest in the airport, which is frequently preferred for tourism, trade, and other reasons, is increasing every year. By renting a car at the airport, you can pick up your rental car as soon as you get off the plane and start exploring Kars.

Where is Kars Harakani Airport Located?

Kars Harakani Airport, the largest airport in Eastern Anatolia, is located in Karacaören village of Kars and is about 6 kilometers away from the city center. As it is close to the city center, transportation is quite easy and improving day by day. Transportation to the airport can be provided by municipal public transportation, airport public transportation, taxi, and similar methods. However, you can choose to rent a car at Kars Harakani Airport for a more comfortable and convenient transportation. This way, you can reach the places you want to go faster and use your time more efficiently.

You can rent your car within minutes with the online car rental option and pick it up from the airport. You can also rent a car in Kars and pick it up from different locations or your address outside the airport. You can find the rental car that suits your needs and budget at Elitcar Rental. You can rent a petrol car, diesel car, automatic transmission car, or manual transmission car of any model, feature, brand, or transmission type at Elitcar Rental.

The Most Affordable Car Rental at Kars Harakani Airport

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies with its professional car rental service, also offers many privileges to its customers. You can choose Elitcar Rental to benefit from many privileges such as airport rental car delivery, affordable price options, a wide range of vehicle fleet, insurance coverage, 24/7 road assistance, and more. The company that offers personal or corporate car rental service with the latest model rental cars also provides professional solutions for Kars Harakani Airport car rental needs.

Elitcar Rental also protects its customers' budgets with its cheap airport car rental service. You can choose our company, which has more than 80 rental car delivery points throughout the country, to experience affordable car rental privilege. You can pick up your rental car from your address or from the airport. By renting a car online, you can rent your car within minutes and start exploring Kars.

Kars Harakani Airport Transportation Guide

Kars Harakani Airport, which has the distinction of being the highest airport in Turkey, is located in Karacaören village, which is 6 kilometers away from the city center. As it is located in a close proximity to the city center, transportation is quite easy. Various transportation methods such as municipal public transportation, taxis, airport public transportation, and private transfer vehicles can be used to reach the city center from the airport or from the city center to Kars Harakani Airport. However, you can rent a car at Kars airport for the most comfortable and fastest transportation. This way, you can quickly reach your destination without extending your journey with public transportation. 

If you are planning to spend a few days exploring Kars and the surrounding cities, renting a car will make your trip easier and allow you to use your time more efficiently. You can start exploring Kars by renting a car for a more enjoyable trip.

Traffic and Driving Rules in Kars

One of the points you should be informed about before renting a car at Kars airport is the traffic and driving rules of the city. These rules we will mention are valid not only in Kars but also in almost every city in the world. By adhering to these rules, you can have a safer and more comfortable journey.

First of all, in order to have a safe journey, all passengers in the vehicle must wear their seat belts before hitting the road. After checking all mirrors of the vehicle and making sure that there are no blind spots, you can prepare to hit the road. While driving, you must adhere to the speed limits, traffic signs, and traffic lights in the city and on the highways. At Elitcar Rental, we prioritize the safety of our customers and have regular maintenance for our rental cars.

Places to Visit and Touristic Sites in Kars

Especially in recent years, Kars has become popular for its cultural, historical, and natural beauty. With its rich history and architectural structures, Kars is home to millions of tourists every year and offers a wide range of places to visit.

If you are visiting Kars during the winter season, you should visit the Sarikamis Ski Center. You can spend enjoyable times with its snow quality and various activity opportunities. The Ani Ancient City, Kars Castle, and Katerina Mansion are some of the cultural and historical places you should visit, while Cali Lake, Cildir Lake, Sarikamis forests, and Susuz Waterfall are some of the natural beauties that must be seen.
Kars, filled with cultural and natural beauty, continues to enchant local and foreign tourists with its spectacular views in every season.

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