Hatay Airport Car Rental

Car Rental Prices at Hatay Airport

It is not possible to provide a clear price information for car rental at Hatay Airport, as rental prices are affected by many factors such as the duration of the rental period, the brand, model, and features of the rental car, and the additional services that the customer requests.

You can visit our car rental page for detailed information on daily rental prices at the airport. By entering the location where you will pick up the rental car, the date and time, the location where you will drop it off, and the date and time, you can filter and see the daily rental prices of available rental cars. If you want to learn about long-term rental prices, you can contact our customer representatives directly. Our customer representatives will provide you with information on car rental prices. If you want to rent a car at an affordable price, you can choose Elitcar Rental.

General Information About Hatay Airport

Hatay Airport, located at the southernmost tip of our country, was opened in 2007. The airport, which is 27 kilometers away from Antakya and 30 kilometers away from İskenderun, opened its international terminal with its flight to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2008. The airport, which facilitates transportation to Hatay in the international arena and contributes greatly to the city's economy, is the gateway of the city to the world. Hatay Airport, which is also located 30 minutes away from the city center, provides transportation to many centers with more than 1200 flight schedules.

If you are traveling for tourism or business purposes to Hatay, you can easily reach the city by air transportation. You can also easily reach the locations you want to go by renting a car at the airport. By renting a car at Hatay Airport, you can start exploring the city by picking up your rental car as soon as you land.

Where is Hatay Airport Located?

Hatay Airport, which connects Hatay to all around the world and Turkey, is located 27 kilometers away from the city center of Hatay. It is also located 30 kilometers away from İskenderun, one of the most visited districts of Hatay, 27 kilometers away from Antakya, and 41 kilometers away from Reyhanlı. There are various transportation options available to reach the city center from the airport such as taxis, municipal buses, and airport shuttles. If you do not want to waste your time and depend on public transportation, you can also choose the car rental option. This way, you can reach your destination faster and more comfortably.

You can complete your Hatay airport car rental reservation within minutes with the online car rental option and pick up your rental car from the representative as soon as you land. You can also choose the Hatay car rental option and pick up your rental car from your address or any other location you desire. You can easily find the car that suits you and your needs from Elitcar Rental's extensive car fleet. Whether you prefer petrol car rental, diesel car rental, manual transmission car rental, or automatic transmission car rental, the choice is yours. Elitcar Rental is always with you for your Hatay airport car rental needs.

Most Affordable Car Rental at Hatay Airport

Elitcar Rental, which is among the most preferred car rental companies, provides solutions for its customers' car rental needs with its airport cheap car rental service while also following a budget-friendly policy. In addition to affordable car rental, airport car rental delivery, insurance coverage, 24/7 roadside assistance, and an extensive fleet of the latest rental cars, the company also provides many other privileges to its customers. You can benefit from all these privileges and more by choosing Elitcar Rental for your personal or corporate car rental needs.
With over 80 car rental delivery locations across Turkey, the car rental company is also by your side for your Hatay Airport car rental needs. You can also rent your car from the most preferred car rental company and pick up your car from the nearest location.

Hatay Airport Transportation Guide

Hatay Airport is located 30 kilometers away from the city center of Hatay, which is located in the southern part of Turkey. The transportation network to the airport is constantly improving as it serves more and more passengers every year. Various transportation options are available to get to the city center or different districts from Hatay Airport, such as taxis, private transfer vehicles, municipal public transportation vehicles, and airport shuttles. However, the most logical solution to have a comfortable and time-efficient transportation is to rent a car from Hatay Airport. With a rented car, you can explore the city the way you want and plan your trip as desired.

If you are also planning to spend a few days exploring Hatay and the surrounding cities, renting a car from the airport will help you have a more enjoyable and comfortable transportation experience. The car you choose according to your needs and budget will help you get around Hatay faster.

Traffic and Driving Rules in Hatay

One of the important things you need to be aware of before renting a car from Hatay Airport is the city's traffic and driving rules. If you pay attention to these rules while driving, you can have a safer and more comfortable road experience.

Before hitting the road with your rental car, make sure that the seat belts of the driver and all other passengers are fastened. This is the most important detail for safety. Before hitting the road, check all the mirrors of the car and make sure there are no blind spots. Some of the traffic rules you should pay attention to while driving are traffic lights, traffic signs, and speed limits within and outside the city. You must strictly follow these traffic and driving rules. In fact, these rules are some of the regulations applied almost all around the world, not just in Hatay. As Elitcar Rental, we regularly maintain our rental cars to ensure that our customers have a safe road experience.

Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Hatay

By renting a car at Hatay Airport, you can freely explore all the natural and historical beauties of the city. 

There are countless places to visit in Hatay, where magnificent historical structures and cultural riches can be found in every corner. One of the first places you should visit is St. Pierre Church, which you should not leave without seeing due to its historical significance and popularity. You should also add Antakya Houses, Habibi Neccar Mosque, Samandağ, Sarıeski Cave and Arsuz Beach to your list of places to visit in Hatay. 
In addition to these, Payas Castle, St. Simon Monastery, Antakya Mosaic Museum, Hell's Ferryman, First Bullet Museum, Darbı Sak Castle, and Belen Pass Nature Park are also some of the places that those who go to Hatay every year do not leave without visiting.


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