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Eskişehir Airport Car Rental Prices

There are many factors that affect the car rental prices at Eskişehir Airport, so it is not possible to provide exact information about the prices. The model, features, other requested specifications, and the length of the rental period directly affect the car rental prices at the airport.

To learn about daily car rental prices, you can visit our website. You can filter the rental cars that are available on the dates you need by entering the pickup and drop-off location and date, and learn about the rental prices. You can also contact our customer representatives for long-term car rentals. They will assist you with the special long-term rental prices and conditions. If you want to rent a car at Eskişehir Airport at an affordable price, you can choose Elitcar Rental and take advantage of many privileges.

General Information about Eskişehir Airport

Eskişehir Hasan Polatkan (Anadolu) Airport, located in the student city of Eskişehir, serves both domestic and international flights with its large passenger capacity. Initially opened with reciprocal flights to Istanbul Airport, Eskişehir Airport currently serves on an area of ​​4,000 square meters. There are direct flights from many major cities in Turkey to Eskişehir. It is also approximately

The airport, located 12 kilometers away, is particularly preferred by students.
You can also choose Anadolu Airport to reach Eskişehir quickly. You can also rent a car at Eskişehir Airport, which is often preferred for business or tourism purposes, to reach your desired locations quickly and easily.

Where is Eskişehir Anadolu Airport?

Also known as Hasan Polatkan Airport, Eskişehir Airport is located within the Anadolu University's 2nd September Campus and belongs to the university's Civil Aviation College. The airport is also located 15 minutes away from the city center and transportation to the airport is quite easy. You can reach the airport or the city center from the airport by taxi, public transportation vehicles or airport shuttles.

However, to avoid extending your journey with public transportation vehicles and wasting your time, you can rent a car at Eskişehir Airport.
With online car rental option, you can complete your transactions quickly and easily and pick up your car as soon as you get off the plane. You can also pick up your rental car from your address or any other location you desire, apart from the airport location, with Eskişehir car rental.
You can rent a car in minutes in the model, transmission type, fuel type you want, whether it's manual or automatic transmission, gasoline or diesel fuel.

Most Affordable Car Rental at Eskişehir Airport

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, owes its success to its professional service understanding. In addition to 24-hour roadside assistance, affordable car rental, comprehensive insurance, airport car delivery, and a wide range of vehicles in its fleet, it also offers many privileges to its customers. The company, which provides solutions to the car rental needs of more and more people every day, also offers the latest model rental cars for your corporate car rental needs. If you are coming to Eskişehir by air and want to pick up your rental car as soon as you land, you can choose Elitcar Rental's Eskişehir Airport car rental service and take advantage of affordable car rental opportunities.

Elitcar Rental, with over 80 rental car pickup locations in Turkey, is the address for affordable car rental. With online car rental, you can rent a car at Eskişehir Anadolu Airport within minutes. You can either pick up your rental car from the airport or have it delivered to your address.

Eskişehir Anadolu Airport Transportation Guide

Eskişehir Anadolu (Hasan Polatkan) Airport, which serves thousands of passengers every year, is increasingly preferred due to the increasing popularity of the city. Therefore, transportation from the airport to the city center or from the city center to the airport becomes easier every year. You can use private transfer vehicles, taxis, municipal and airport public transportation vehicles to reach your destination. However, the easiest and fastest way to reach the city center, which is 12 kilometers away, is to take advantage of Eskişehir airport car rental service. This way, you will not only avoid extending your journey but also use your time efficiently.

If you're also planning to spend a few days exploring Eskişehir and its surroundings, renting a car will save you from a great burden. With the car you rent, considering your budget and needs, you can have a comfortable and enjoyable road trip experience.

Traffic and Driving Rules in Eskişehir

One of the points you need to be aware of before renting a car in Eskişehir is the city's traffic and driving rules. To have a comfortable and safe road trip experience, there are some traffic and driving rules you need to follow.

First of all, you and all other people in the car must wear seat belts before hitting the road. You should not hit the road before checking all mirrors of the car and ensuring that there are no blind spots. After hitting the road, you must obey the speed limits, signs, and traffic lights in the city and on highways. These rules apply not only in Eskişehir but also in almost every part of the world.

At Elitcar Rental, we attach great importance to our customers' safety and therefore help them have an enjoyable and safe road trip experience by regularly maintaining rental cars.

Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Eskişehir

We have prepared a list of places to visit in Eskişehir for those who want to have an enjoyable trip. First of all, you should not leave Eskişehir without visiting Porsuk River, Sazova Park, and Odunpazarı. Although Odunpazarı stands out with its houses, there are many places to visit such as Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex, Atlihan Handicrafts Bazaar, and the Republic History Museum.

You should also definitely visit Lületaşı Museum, Alaaddin Mosque, Contemporary Glass Art Museum, Eti Archaeology Museum, and Şarhöyük. By visiting all of these places, you can feel the spirit of Eskişehir.

Near Airport Hotels

You arrived to the airport with Eskişehir Havalimanı car hire service. Where are the nearest hotels ?

Eskişehir Havalimanı The Merlot Hotel
The Merlot Hotel
Hoşnudiye Mah. 738. Sok. No:2
Eskişehir Havalimanı Hangover Sky
Hangover Sky
Eskibağlar Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:14
Eskişehir Havalimanı Grande Arte Hotel
Grande Arte Hotel
Eskişehir Havalimanı Madame Tadia Hotel
Madame Tadia Hotel
Hoşnudiye Mah. Safiyet Sok. No:55
Eskişehir Havalimanı Roof Garden Hotel
Roof Garden Hotel
Büyükdere Mah. Sarılar Sok No:4