Didim, which is a district of Aydın, is one of Turkey's important tourist destinations. Its old name was Yenihisar. It is like a peninsula surrounded by Muğla, Aegean, Lake Bafa, and Menderes River. With the advantage of its location, many tourist areas can be reached quickly. It is very close to Milet, Bafa, and Akbük Cove. Didim is one of the two places in the world that is good for asthma due to the quality of the air and its humidity level. Even though the temperatures in summer can reach very high levels, the low humidity level makes it bearable. This situation of the weather attracts many people to Didim who are bothered by the heat.

Didim, which is a typical Mediterranean town, has historical traces that date back to the Neolithic period. It has been under the domination of many different civilizations such as Mycenaeans, Cretans, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, and Turks. The city, named Didyma in Greek, was a Greek village until the War of Independence and was then exchanged in the population exchange in 1924. During the Ottoman period, the city was named Yeronda, and after the 1955 earthquake, the city was moved to the south and named Yenihisar. In the 1980s, the city developed rapidly and began to experience a constant influx of tourists. Therefore, it became a district in 1991. In 1997, due to its unique name, it was renamed Didim.


Historical Sites in Didim

Antique cities are indispensable for historical site tours in Didim, which is one of the ancient places of history. The Temple of Apollo located within the Didyma Ancient City is 2 km away from Didim center. It can be reached even by walking. The Temple of Apollo is one of the unique places left to us from Ancient Greece and Rome. It is the third largest temple in the world. Medusa, the symbol of Didim, is also located here. Another ancient city is the Miletus Ancient City. The ancient city hosts one of the rare places that witnessed history, such as the Miletus Theater. You can also visit the Miletus Museum for items belonging to the city.

The Priene Ancient City sheds light on the city planning of the ancient times. The city, estimated to have been built by the Ionians, was moved from the seaside due to the Menderes River. Agora, Zeus and Athena Temple, and Gymnasion Temple are places that must be visited. All ancient cities are paid and it would be more logical to have a museum card for your visits.


Didim's Natural Beauties

When it comes to natural beauty in Didim, most people will definitely say Altinkum. With its kilometers-long Blue Flag beach, Altinkum is like a paradise. Its unique sea, air, and clean sands make it the center of attention for both local and foreign tourists. Akbuk Bay, a natural cove, is another popular place in Didim. There are various activities to do in the clean waters of the bay, such as fishing, various water sports, and swimming.

While you are in Akbuk, we recommend you also visit Sapli Ada. This area, which is a protected site, was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in the 1500s BC. The traces of the eruption can still be seen on the island. If you are looking for a quieter and more peaceful place, you can visit Tavsan Burnu Nature Park. The park is located right by the sea. You can also camp with your tents here. Akkoy is a small town where figs and strawberries are plentiful. Ottoman and Greek houses are found together here. After walking in these sweet stone houses, don't forget to buy figs and strawberries.

Bafa Lake, located 16 km away from Didim, has many fish restaurants around it. The lake, which is declared a natural park, is also one of the world's few bird paradises. After taking a walk around the lake, we recommend you try sea bass and sea bream.



What to Eat and Drink in Didim?

Didim is one of the rare places that can have both an Aegean and Mediterranean climate and is also one of the oldest places in the Aegean region, so its cuisine is very rich. In addition to having a typical Aegean cuisine, it also dominates Mediterranean flavors. The basis of Didim cuisine consists of olive oil dishes. You must try olive oil dishes such as stuffed zucchini flowers, beans, radish greens, purslane, etc. Although everyone knows, one of the best tarhanas is also drunk in Didim. You will not find the taste of the tarhana you drink here elsewhere.

Kaşopita, which locals call çaykama, is also a unique flavor of Didim. Ear soup, prepared with ingredients such as dumplings, chickpeas, and tomato paste, is especially preferred in winter months. In addition to all these olive oil dishes, we recommend that you do not leave without tasting the fish, which is a classic of Aegean cuisine. If you are craving quality and natural fruit, do not forget to eat plenty of figs and strawberries.


Sports and Adventure in Didim

Didim, with its abundance of greenery and every shade of blue, offers many alternatives for sports and adventure. It is a trekking region in its own right. Spring and autumn are especially unique for trekking. You can relax your soul with long walks and camps in places such as Lake Bafa and Tavşan Burnu Nature Park. If you prefer more active and adrenaline-filled sports, you can join diving groups in bays and beaches such as Altınkum and Akbük.


How to Get to Didim?

Didim is 85 km away from Bodrum Airport, 140 km from Adnan Menderes Airport, and 220 km from Dalaman Airport. By road, it takes about 7 hours from Istanbul to Didim on the E881 highway, and 10 hours on the D650 highway. It is 2 hours away from Izmir and 9 hours away from Ankara. It can be reached by buses or private vehicles from many parts of Turkey on the road. Another more comfortable and relatively inexpensive way is to rent a car from Didim or your city.

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