Car Rental in Alanya!

After the Alanya car rental process, you can start exploring the city with the rental car you will receive.

Alanya, one of the most touristic regions of Antalya, stands out with its beaches and bays. You can choose Elitcar Rental car rental service to explore the places to visit in Alanya. Alanya, which fascinates its visitors with its natural, historical and cultural beauties, is home to many business people who come for business trips. The most logical solution to explore Alanya to the fullest is to rent a car in Alanya. If you are coming to the city by air transportation, you can take advantage of the airport car rental service or take advantage of the car rental option delivered to the address.

Alanya Traffic Information

Traffic information is one of the most important issues that many people who are considering renting a car in Alanya are curious about. The traffic problem, which is a common problem of big cities, leaves you alone in Alanya. There is almost no traffic in Alanya. However, in order to be least affected by traffic, you should not prefer rush hours. Exploring the city without renting a car in Alanya can tire you more financially and spiritually and make you lose time. If you are coming by air transportation, you can take delivery of your car as soon as you get off the plane by taking advantage of Alanya Gazipaşa Airport car rental service.

Offering perfect Alanya car rental service, Elitcar Rental also offers many advantages that will make your trip comfortable and convenient. You can also choose Elitcar, one of the most preferred car rental companies for your corporate car rental needs.


Travel Tips - Places to visit in Alanya

Alanya, one of the favorite holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, hosts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. While creating a list of places to visit in Alanya, which fascinates with its natural and historical beauties, it is necessary to evaluate these areas.
 One of the first places you should visit during your Alanya trip is Alanya Castle. With its unique view, the castle has not been damaged in any way since the day it was built. Another point that history lovers should visit is Alanya Museum.  Damlataş Cave, which attracts attention with its mystical atmosphere, stands out as the first cave of our country to be brought to tourism. Another place that should be on your Alanya sightseeing list is the Red Tower. When you climb the tower, which attracts attention with its magnificent appearance, you can see the magnificent view of Alanya. Dim Stream, Dim Cave, Sapadere Canyon, Sapadere Canyon, Damlatas Beach, Phosphorus Cave and many other places to visit... You can spend a few days to visit all these places. You can explore Alanya freely by choosing the most suitable accommodation among Alanya accommodation areas.

10 Activities to Do in Alanya

As the places to visit in Alanya are countless, the activities to do are also countless. We have compiled 10 activities to do in Alanya as a guide for you.

Swimming in beautiful bays and beaches: It is one of the most beautiful activities you can do on vacation. You can swim for hours at Cleopatra Beach, Damlatas Beach, Ulaş Beach and enjoy the sun.
Getting involved in the nightlife: You can spend fun and lively hours by getting involved in Alanya's nightlife.
Exploring the highlands: Alanya stands out with its green areas as much as its sea. You can explore Gökbel Plateau, Gevedet Plateau and Dereköy Plateau.
To see the historical and natural beauties of Alanya: Syedra Ancient City, Selinus Ancient City, Hamaksia Ancient City are some of the places to be seen.
Visiting towers and castles: Alanya is famous for its towers and castles. You should see the Red Tower, Alanya Castle, Sinek Castle and Alara Castle.
Visiting Damlatas Cave: The cave takes its visitors to magical worlds. You should definitely add it to your list.
Try local flavors: You can taste the local flavors of the region in Alanya's famous restaurants.
Camping If you want to be alone with nature, you can camp in areas where blue and green meet.
Rafting in Dim Stream: An activity that action and adrenaline lovers will love.
Take a boat tour: You can take boat trips to explore the blue waters and magnificent bays.

What kind of cleaning measures are being taken under Covid 19?

With the Covid 19 pandemic affecting the whole world, many people have turned to using their personal vehicles or car rental services instead of public transportation vehicles / taxis. Therefore, the importance of necessary disinfection and cleaning works in rental vehicles has increased. As Elitcar Rental, we regularly disinfect our rental cars before and after delivery. We always prioritize the health of our customers with vehicles with all hygiene conditions. 
If you want to continue your transportation in a comfortable and isolated way, you can choose Elitcar Rental and protect your health. With Alanya car rental service, you can pick up rental cars from many locations and do not extend your way with public transportation.

Why Should You Prefer Elitcar for Alanya Car Rental Solution?

Our company Elitcar Rental, which offers perfect Alanya car rental service with more than 80 rental car delivery points throughout our country, owes its being one of the most preferred car rental companies to its quality and safe service understanding. It is preferred more and more every day with the advantages it offers to its customers. Elitcar Rental, which offers cheap car rental service, has prevented you from encountering surprise prices by including insurance and other insurances, VAT, 24-hour roadside assistance, Alanya airport car delivery in car rental prices.
 By taking advantage of early car rental reservation, you can encounter much more affordable prices. You can explore the city by choosing the most suitable one among Alanya rental cars. Automatic transmission car rental or manual transmission car rental... It is also very easy to pay at Elitcar. You can make your payment when you pick up your car after renting a car online.

How to Rent a Car in Alanya?

You can choose Elitcar Rental to rent a car in Alanya. The need for car rental is increasing day by day. You may also need to rent a car for a business trip or touristic travel. You can rent the most suitable Alanya rental car easily and quickly through our website.

You can filter by entering the date and location where you will pick up the vehicle, the date and location where you will deliver the vehicle and you can choose one of the rental cars on the page that opens. Diesel car rental or gasoline car rental... Many privileges await you, our valued customers, at Elitcar with its large fleet of vehicles suitable for every budget and need.

What are the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Long Term Car Rental Prices in Alanya?

There are many factors that are effective in the variation of car rental prices. Factors such as the features of the rental car, the model, the length of the car rental period, the extra car rental services requested are directly effective in changing the car rental prices. You can get information about car rental prices by visiting our website. You can also get information about long-term car rental prices by contacting our customer representatives directly. 
Offering a convenient and comfortable road experience, Elitcar Rental is the address of cheap car rental with budget-friendly prices.

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