After completing your car rental process in Tekirdağ, you are ready to discover Tekirdağ with the car you will pick up!

Tekirdağ, one of the most important cities of Thrace, continues to welcome visitors in every season. With its magnificent sunflower fields, stunning nature and beautiful sea, it stands out with its unique atmosphere in every season. There are countless places to visit in Tekirdağ. If you want your Tekirdağ trip to be comfortable and hassle-free, the best solution is to rent a car. If you are coming to the city by air transportation, you can start exploring the city without dealing with public transportation or taxis by taking advantage of the airport car rental service.

Tekirdağ Traffic Information

One of the points that many people who consider renting a car in Tekirdağ are curious about is traffic information. Traffic, which is a common problem in big cities, is almost non-existent in Tekirdağ. Although it gets a little congested during rush hours or in tourist areas, it will generally not bother you.

Renting a car in Tekirdağ to keep your transportation comfortable and not to prolong your journey with public transportation vehicles would be a logical step.

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers many services to make your Tekirdağ trip more comfortable and convenient. If you are coming to the city by air transportation, you can also take advantage of the Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport car rental service.

By choosing Elitcar for your corporate car rental needs, you can benefit from many privileges.


Travel Tips - Places to Visit in Tekirdağ

Tekirdağ, one of the most important cities of Thrace, is a city with one side mountains and the other side sea. It is a magnificent place with its sandy beaches, local wines, olive trees and vineyards. The city, whose history dates back to ancient times, is full of historical buildings. The first place you should visit in Tekirdağ is the Rüstem Paşa Mosque, which was built by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. The Rakoczi Museum, which is a symbol of Turkish-Hungarian friendship, the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, which sheds light on the history of Tekirdağ, and the Namık Kemal House are also places to be seen in Tekirdağ.

There are also many natural beauties to see in Tekirdağ. Some of these are Uçmakdere, Kumbağ, Hoşköy, İğdebağlar, Mürefte, and Yeniköy. While adrenaline enthusiasts are in Uçmakdere, they should definitely try paragliding. You can also go surfing in Şarköy. To spend a day in nature, you can visit Gölbaşı Youth Park, Laladere Recreational Area, and Çamlıköy Nature Park.

One day is not enough to fully explore Tekirdağ. You should set aside a few days to explore Tekirdağ by staying at one of the accommodation options in Tekirdağ.

10 Activities to Do in Tekirdağ

There is no end to the places to visit in Tekirdağ, and there are just as many activities to do. To guide you, we have compiled a list of 10 activities to do in Tekirdağ.

  • Eat Tekirdağ meatballs: While it is possible to try Tekirdağ meatballs anywhere in the country, the taste of eating it in Tekirdağ is different. You must try Tekirdağ meatballs at the famous restaurants in Tekirdağ.
  • Visit the Tekirdağ Archaeology and Ethnography Museum: You should definitely add this museum to your travel list to shed light on the history of Tekirdağ. Fossils and archaeological artifacts found in Tekirdağ excavations are on display here.
  • Paraglide in Uçmakdere: While you are in Uçmakdere, you must try this adrenaline-filled activity. You will also witness magnificent views while gliding between the mountains.
  • Swim in Blue Flag beaches: You can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand at the blue-flagged beaches in Şarköy.
  • Wine tasting in Mürefte: Mürefte, which is known as a wine region, still maintains its popularity with its delicious wines.
  • Visit the vineyards: There are many vineyard houses in Tekirdağ to visit and taste wine. Melen Vineyards, Barel Vineyards, Barbare Vineyards, and Arcadia Vineyards are some of them.
  • Visit the Rakoczi Museum: This museum, which is a symbol of Turkish-Hungarian friendship, takes its visitors on a mysterious journey.
  • Visit Aşıklar Hill: It has the most beautiful view of Tekirdağ. You can enjoy nature and peace while witnessing a magnificent view.
  • Hike in Ganos Trail: It is one of the most preferred hiking trails for nature walks. The trail is accompanied by vineyards, sea views, and forests.
  • Attend the Thrace Grape Harvest and Ecology Festival: This festival held in the fall hosts thousands of visitors. You can have a very enjoyable day with the competitions and concerts organized.

What Kind of Cleaning Measures are Taken Within the Scope of Covid 19?

With the Covid 19 pandemic affecting the whole world, many people have turned to using personal vehicles or car rental services rather than public transportation. This has made it necessary for cleaning measures to be carried out more meticulously in rental cars. 
Elitcar Rental, which provides car rental service in Tekirdağ, disinfects and cleans its rental cars at regular intervals before and after delivery. Thus, it provides its customers with all hygiene conditions. If you want to continue your transportation in an isolated way, you can choose Elitcar, which provides cheap car rental service. You can protect your health while protecting your budget. In addition, Tekirdağ car rental provides car delivery to many locations including the airport.

Why Should You Choose Elitcar for Tekirdağ Car Rental Solution?

Elitcar, which is one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers impeccable car rental service to its customers with more than 80 car delivery points throughout the country. The company, which always prioritizes its customers' satisfaction with a great road experience, is always by its customers with its quality service approach. As a Tekirdağ car rental company, it has included VAT, comprehensive insurance, 24/7 road assistance, and Tekirdağ airport car delivery in car rental prices to prevent you from facing extra charges. 

You can start exploring Tekirdağ by choosing the most suitable rental car from Tekirdağ rental cars. Manual transmission car rental or automatic transmission car rental... The decision is yours. Early car rental reservation also awaits you with much more affordable prices. You can also make your payment easily and quickly with your credit card when picking up the car.

How to Rent a Car in Tekirdağ?

The need for car rental is increasing day by day in today's conditions. You may also need to rent a car when you travel or for any other reason. With Elitcar, you can easily and quickly rent a car. You can make your reservation through the website. By entering the location and date of where you will pick up and drop off the rental car in Tekirdağ, you can filter and choose the most suitable car among the options. Diesel rental cars or petrol rental cars...

Renting a car with Elitcar is this easy! All budget and needs are covered with the extensive car rental fleet of Elitcar Rental!

What Are the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Long-Term Car Rental Prices in Tekirdağ?

There are many factors that affect car rental prices. Factors such as the features, model, requested additional features, and duration of the rental period directly affect car rental prices. You can visit our website to learn about daily car rental prices. After making the necessary filters, you can see the rental prices of all cars. You can also contact our customer representatives to learn about long-term car rental prices. Elitcar offers budget-friendly policies and provides cheap car rental services.

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After completing your paperwork at the car rental company, you should examine the vehicle in detail with the officer and report any scratches or cracks.  You will not be held responsible for previous defects by having even the smallest defects reported.  You should open all the doors, trunk and hood of the vehicle and check if there is any problem in the mechanisms.  If the rented vehicle breaks down, will it be replaced?  If the vehicle you rented breaks down, you should contact the car rental company.  The company will send a new one to replace the defective vehicle as soon as possible.

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