Tekirdağ Cheap Car Rental

Cheap car rental with the most appropriate tool for your budget and we are offering you the best quality.

After completing your car rental process in Tekirdağ, you are ready to discover Tekirdağ with the car you will pick up!

Tekirdağ, one of the most important cities of Thrace, continues to welcome visitors in every season. With its magnificent sunflower fields, stunning nature and beautiful sea, it stands out with its unique atmosphere in every season. There are countless places to visit in Tekirdağ. If you want your Tekirdağ trip to be comfortable and hassle-free, the best solution is to rent a car. If you are coming to the city by air transportation, you can start exploring the city without dealing with public transportation or taxis by taking advantage of the airport car rental service.

Tekirdağ Traffic Information

One of the points that many people who consider renting a car in Tekirdağ are curious about is traffic information. Traffic, which is a common problem in big cities, is almost non-existent in Tekirdağ. Although it gets a little congested during rush hours or in tourist areas, it will generally not bother you.

Renting a car in Tekirdağ to keep your transportation comfortable and not to prolong your journey with public transportation vehicles would be a logical step.

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers many services to make your Tekirdağ trip more comfortable and convenient. If you are coming to the city by air transportation, you can also take advantage of the Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport car rental service.

By choosing Elitcar for your corporate car rental needs, you can benefit from many privileges.

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Tekirdağ Car Rental Delivery Points and Airports

With 2 different delivery points and free airport delivery Tekirdağ rent a car is serving for your benefit.

Çorlu Büro
Elit Büro
Adana Office
Elit Büro

What to eat, what to drink?

You used Tekirdağ car rental service and arrived at the city. what to eat, what to drink?

Tekirdağ Ganos Coffee & Sandwich
Ganos Coffee & Sandwich
Ertuğrul Mah. Çiçek Sok.
Coffee Shop
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Tekirdağ Özcanlar Köfte
Özcanlar Köfte
İstanbul Blv. 9. Km Gazioğlu Mevkii Beyazköy
Kofte Place
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Tekirdağ Köfteci Yusuf - Döner Y - Hesaplı Kasap
Köfteci Yusuf - Döner Y - Hesaplı Kasap
Yeni Çiftlik Mah. Vatan Cad. No: 340
Kofte Place
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Tekirdağ Köfteci Yusuf
Köfteci Yusuf
Kofte Place
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Tekirdağ Shaya Beach Cafe & Restaurant
Shaya Beach Cafe & Restaurant
Altınova Mah. Gazi Hasanpaşa Cad. No: 205
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What should I pay attention to when I take deliver

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After completing your paperwork at the car rental company, you should examine the vehicle in detail with the officer and report any scratches or cracks.  You will not be held responsible for previous defects by having even the smallest defects reported.  You should open all the doors, trunk and hood of the vehicle and check if there is any problem in the mechanisms.  If the rented vehicle breaks down, will it be replaced?  If the vehicle you rented breaks down, you should contact the car rental company.  The company will send a new one to replace the defective vehicle as soon as possible.