Ordu-Giresun Airport Car Rental

Ordu Giresun Airport Car Rental Prices

There is no specific price information for Ordu Giresun Airport car rental as many factors affect the price. The model, brand, features, extra options you request, and the length of the rental period are some of the factors that affect the variability of airport car rental prices. 

You can find detailed information about daily car rental prices when you visit our website. You can filter by entering the pick-up and drop-off locations and dates and see the daily rental prices of the cars on the page that opens. You can also contact our customer representatives directly to get information about long-term car rental prices. They will inform you about special long-term car rental prices and conditions. By choosing Elitcar, you can benefit from many advantages and enjoy affordable airport car rental services.

General Information About Ordu Giresun Airport

Ordu Giresun Airport, which was built between Gülyalı district of Ordu and Piraziz district of Giresun on May 22, 2015, is the first and only airport in Turkey that was built on the sea and the third in the world. The airport, which used 36 million tons of stone in its construction, is located 19 kilometers from the city center of Ordu and 30 kilometers from the city center of Giresun. Ordu Giresun Airport provides domestic and international terminal services in its 25,250 square meter terminal building. The airport, which welcomes millions of visitors every year, can be accessed through various transportation options.

Ordu Giresun Airport is becoming more and more popular as the region develops and transportation becomes easier. If you are coming to Ordu, Giresun, or any other nearby city by air, you can choose car rental services to continue your transportation without extending your journey with public transportation options.

Where is Ordu Giresun Airport?

Located between Gülyalı district of Ordu and Piraziz district of Giresun, Ordu Giresun Airport is 19 kilometers away from the center of Ordu and 30 kilometers away from the center of Giresun. Transportation to Ordu Giresun Airport is frequently done by various means. You can choose taxis, municipal public transportation vehicles, or airport public transportation vehicles to reach city centers. However, the smartest solution for reaching your destination faster and having a more comfortable transportation in your destination city is to choose Ordu Giresun Airport car rental service. You can easily complete all your transactions by making an online car rental reservation and pick up your rental car as soon as you land. Additionally, you can benefit from Ordu and Giresun car rental services and pick up your car from different locations, or even have it delivered to your address.

Elitcar Rental, offering solutions for every need, provides rental cars for every budget with its extensive car fleet, including manual and automatic transmission cars, diesel and gasoline cars.

Cheap Car Rental at Ordu Giresun Airport

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, helps you to benefit from Ordu Giresun Airport car rental service quickly and easily with its online car rental service. You can pick up your rental car at the airport after your flight. You can also choose to have your rental car delivered to your address. With its expanding rental car fleet, Elitcar Rental enables you to rent a car in any model, brand, and features you desire within minutes.

Elitcar Rental owes its popularity as one of the most preferred car rental companies to its professional service approach. With its affordable price options, 24/7 roadside assistance, and home delivery options, it reaches more customers every day. The company provides suitable and professional solutions for all your needs and is also there for your corporate car rental needs. By choosing Elitcar Rental for Ordu Giresun Airport car rental service, you can experience affordable car rental privilege.

Ordu Giresun Airport Transportation Guide

Turkey's first airport built on the sea, Ordu Giresun Airport is located in the middle of the cities of Ordu and Giresun, approximately 19 - 30 kilometers away from the city centers. Transportation can be provided to both cities on various routes. You can choose airport public transportation, municipal public transportation, taxis, or private transfer vehicles to get to and from the airport. However, the most comfortable and easy way to reach the airport is to use Ordu Giresun Airport car rental service to continue your transportation. By doing so, you will not only avoid extending your journey but also make efficient use of your time. Renting a car, especially if you plan to spend a few days in this area, will lighten your load.

You should rent a car at the airport to make your transportation fast and enjoyable. With the car you rent according to your desires and needs, you can travel comfortably in Ordu and Giresun.

Traffic and Driving Rules in Ordu and Giresun

One of the things you need to know before renting a car in Ordu and Giresun is the traffic and driving rules of these cities. These rules are not only valid in Ordu and Giresun, but also in almost all parts of the world. For a more comfortable and safe driving experience, you should make sure that you and all other passengers in the car wear seat belts before hitting the road. Then, check all the mirrors of the car and make sure there are no blind spots before you start driving. Once you hit the road, you should obey the speed limits in the city and on highways, and never compromise on this issue. 

At Elitcar Rental, we prioritize the safety of our customers above all else and regularly maintain our rental cars.

Places to Visit in Ordu

Ordu, with its untouched rivers, beaches, plateaus, and national parks, is a paradise for nature lovers. The city is full of historical, cultural, and natural beauties, and there are endless places to visit. The most popular places to visit in the city include Boztepe, Çambaşı Plateau, Perşembe Plateau, Cultural Center, Ohtamış Waterfall, Çaka Beach, and Yason Cape.

Places to Visit in Giresun

Giresun, one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea region, welcomes millions of tourists every year with its tourist attractions. As the land of hazelnuts, you can explore the natural beauties and historical sites of Giresun. While visiting Giresun, you should not leave without trying its famous hazelnuts, attending its famous festivals, and visiting its plateaus.

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