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The city of Ordu, located in the Black Sea region, is one of the ancient settlements that harbors all the beauties and colors of nature like other cities in the Black Sea. In ancient times, it was called Kotyora. Ordu, where remnants have been found up to the Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods, has been dominated by civilizations such as the Miletians, Persians, Macedonians, Byzantines, and Romans. It was conquered by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1391, but was constantly occupied by the Trabzon Rum Pontus State. When Fatih Sultan Mehmet eliminated the Trabzon Rum Pontus State, it completely fell under Ottoman rule. The place where Ordu center is located was called "Bucak" during the Ottoman period. The city began to develop in 1869 and its name was changed to Ordu.

Ordu has a Black Sea climate, which means that winters are cool and summers are mild. The city, which does not have a typical climate, experiences rainfall every season, so it has a rich vegetation. You can witness the most beautiful shades of green in every season. It has magnificent coastal areas like Fatsa and very different natural beauties like Çambaşı ski resort.

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Ordu Car Rental Delivery Points and Airports

With 4 different delivery points and free airport delivery Ordu rent a car is serving for your benefit.

Ordu Office
Elit Büro
Ordu-Giresun Havalimanı

What to eat, what to drink?

You used Ordu car rental service and arrived at the city. what to eat, what to drink?

Ordu Bulvar Cafe & Restaurant
Bulvar Cafe & Restaurant
Düz Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı no:138/B
Fast Food Restaurant
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Ordu Kavuş Cafe & Restaurant
Kavuş Cafe & Restaurant
Org. İbrahim Fırtına
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Ordu Aktaşlar Pide Restaurant
Aktaşlar Pide Restaurant
Soya Cad Durugöl Mah
Turkish Restaurant
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Ordu 7/24 Çorbacı
7/24 Çorbacı
Devlet Sahil Yolu Karşıyaka Mahallesi
Turkish Home Cooking Restaurant
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Ordu Fatsalı Hünkar Restoran
Fatsalı Hünkar Restoran
Dolunay Şubesi Dolunay Mah. Samsun Asfaltı Cad. No:209
Turkish Restaurant
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What should I pay attention to when I take deliver

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After completing your paperwork at the car rental company, you should examine the vehicle in detail with the officer and report any scratches or cracks.  You will not be held responsible for previous defects by having even the smallest defects reported.  You should open all the doors, trunk and hood of the vehicle and check if there is any problem in the mechanisms.  If the rented vehicle breaks down, will it be replaced?  If the vehicle you rented breaks down, you should contact the car rental company.  The company will send a new one to replace the defective vehicle as soon as possible.