The city of Ordu, located in the Black Sea region, is one of the ancient settlements that harbors all the beauties and colors of nature like other cities in the Black Sea. In ancient times, it was called Kotyora. Ordu, where remnants have been found up to the Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods, has been dominated by civilizations such as the Miletians, Persians, Macedonians, Byzantines, and Romans. It was conquered by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1391, but was constantly occupied by the Trabzon Rum Pontus State. When Fatih Sultan Mehmet eliminated the Trabzon Rum Pontus State, it completely fell under Ottoman rule. The place where Ordu center is located was called "Bucak" during the Ottoman period. The city began to develop in 1869 and its name was changed to Ordu.

Ordu has a Black Sea climate, which means that winters are cool and summers are mild. The city, which does not have a typical climate, experiences rainfall every season, so it has a rich vegetation. You can witness the most beautiful shades of green in every season. It has magnificent coastal areas like Fatsa and very different natural beauties like Çambaşı ski resort.


Historical Places of Ordu

Taşbaşı Church is a building built by Christians in the form of a basilica in 1853. The church, made of cut stones, was also used as a prison until the 1980s. However, it was later restored and has been used as a Cultural Center since 2000. Yason Church, known for being dedicated to Zeus, was also built with cut stones. Yason Lighthouse is also located near the building in Yason Cape. It is an ancient settlement and an important area in terms of religious rituals. Actually, this was not the first church for the ceremonies. When the church was destroyed by looters, they built a new one in 1866. You can witness the most beautiful sunsets from here. Another historical structure that has survived to the present day is Bolaman Castle located in Fatsa. The structure, built by the Pontus Greek Empire, was built for observation purposes. The Ottoman mansion is also located inside the castle.

While you are in Ordu, we suggest you to visit the Paşaoğlu Mansion located in the city center. The mansion, built in 1896, had stones brought from Ünye and wood brought from Romania. It was restored in 1987 and is waiting for visitors with the Paşaoğlu Mansion and Ethnography Museum, free of charge every weekday.

Natural Beauties of Ordu

If you are in a Black Sea city, you are in the arms of nature. Nature has spread all its colors and beauties to every corner of the Black Sea. Ordu is a typical Black Sea city where every shade of green and blue can be found. Plateaus, long coastlines, forests, hills, waterfalls, and many natural beauties are places that must be seen. Boztepe, one of the first places that comes to mind in Ordu, is the most beautiful place where you can watch the Black Sea view at an altitude of 530 meters from the sea. You can reach Boztepe through the lush green forests by cable car. It is also possible to come to Boztepe by car, which is very close to the city center. However, it will be a different experience with the cable car. While spending time in cafes and restaurants, you can have a great time while looking at the view. If you wish, you can buy something to remind you of Boztepe from souvenir shops. Yoroz City Forest, located about 20 km away from Ordu, is another famous viewing terrace. You can walk in the forest and have a picnic in the lap of nature while enjoying the view.
Gölköy, a crater lake surrounded by lush green trees, is the largest lake in Ordu. It is located between Haruniye Village and Süleymaniye Village and is 17 km away from Ordu city center. It has a rich vegetation and is famous for its oak and beech trees. Camping and picnicking can be done in designated areas. If you visit in July, don't miss the Ulugöl Festivities. Gaga Lake, another lake located among hazelnut groves, is a must-see. You will never forget the walk you take around the lake, which has hazelnut groves, various plants, and wildlife animals. The protected lake is located in Örencik village, on the Fatsa-Aybastı highway, and there is also a small island in the middle of the lake formed as a result of landslides.

Hoynat Island, unknown to tourists, is the most beautiful place in Perşembe. Located in Ramazan village, the island is under protection because it hosts various bird species. The endangered species of Cormorants make their nests here. Be sure to see these unique birds and the view without damaging the nature. Kardeşler/Küpkaya Canyon, which is 32 km away from Ordu, has become an important center for tourism recently. One of the most important reasons for this is that it offers the opportunity to canoe besides its unique beauty. Ohtamış Waterfall, the largest waterfall in the Black Sea region, and Kapılı Cıngırt Waterfall are also places that must be visited.

Plateau tourism, which is synonymous with the Black Sea, is also important for Ordu. We recommend that you attend the plateau festivals held throughout July. These festivals, which offer a firsthand experience of plateau culture, are held in Perşembe Plateau.

Perşembe Plateau is one of the unique geographical areas in our country. In fact, registration processes are rapidly underway to protect it as a world heritage site.

Perşembe Plateau, which was declared a tourism center by the Council of Ministers in 1991, is located 17 km away from Ordu's Aybastı district. The plateau, which has an altitude of approximately 1500 meters, hosts plateau festivals every July. These festivals, which include various competitions, folklore shows, concerts, social and cultural events, wrestling matches, and horse races, can add a different experience to your trip.

You can also come to Perşembe Plateau to relax, have a picnic, or for safari and paragliding. In addition to all these, Perşembe Plateau brings us together with unique natural beauties. We recommend that you see the tombs, Çiseli Waterfall, and Karga Hill, where many historical artifacts and areas are located.

Perşembe Plateau, which is 12 km away from Ordu's Akkuş district, can be easily reached by asphalt road. We wish you a pleasant holiday in advance. Ordu Çambaşı Plateau is located 60 km away from the city center of Ordu.

Çambaşı was declared a highland tourism center by the Ministry of Tourism in 1991 and is the largest highland with its 72 neighborhoods in our country. Spending a few days here is enough to rejuvenate and reconnect with life with all your energy. The highland has cold and healing waters and appeals to those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to rest and find peace.

Sports and Adventure in Ordu

Ordu has all the facilities for trekking and paragliding enthusiasts. Trekking, which is an alternative to mountaineering, is for those who love long and challenging walks. It is done with the scenery of natural beauties such as the Black Sea. Trekking can be done around mountains, plateaus, and lakes. Ordu has 23 approved hiking trails. Çambaşı Pond, Boztepe, and Turnalık are a few of these trails.

Boztepe is an important place for paragliding. Yason Burnu, Çambaşı, and other places are ideal for camping enthusiasts. Camping in the midst of lush nature will be one of the most special experiences. Karagöl Mountain and Aygır Lake are suitable for mountaineering activities. Other options include diving, canoeing, and rafting. Sports clubs organize diving trips to wrecks. Canoeing and rafting can be done on the Melet River.

What to Eat and Drink in Ordu

Ordu cuisine varies according to various vegetation such as highlands and mountains. There are different tastes of cuisine that differentiate along the coast and inland. Mersin rock apricot from Perşembe is a famous taste. Of course, anchovy is the most important fish in the region, but Mersin rock apricot comes in second place. Hazelnut, an important product of the region, is also reflected in the cuisine. Especially in desserts, hazelnut is dominant. Tirmit, a type of mushroom, black cabbage, sakarca, melevcan, hoşkıran, and galdirik are regional tastes. Cooking the plants grown in the region with various sautéing techniques has an important place in the cuisine of the region.

How to Get to Ordu

The distance between Ordu and Istanbul is 890 km and Ankara is 503 km. For those who want to go by private car, it takes 11 hours from Istanbul and 7 hours from Ankara. Buses and planes are more reliable for any possible disruptions in places where the distances are too long. Taking the bus is safer than driving individually, although it takes a little longer. However, the safest option in terms of safety is air travel. Istanbul can be reached by air in 1 hour 40 minutes and Ankara in 1 hour 10 minutes. 

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