Konya Airport Car Rental

Konya Airport Car Rental Prices

Due to many factors that affect Konya Airport car rental prices, it is not possible to provide an exact price. The length of the rental period, the model, features, brand, and extra features requested by the customer directly affect the variable airport car rental prices.

To obtain detailed information about daily airport car rental prices, you can visit our car rental page. You can filter by the location and date of pick-up and drop-off to choose the most suitable rental car among the available options that fit your needs and budget. You can also contact our customer representatives to learn about special prices and conditions for long-term car rentals. By choosing Elitcar Rental for cheap airport car rental, you can benefit from many privileges.

General Information about Konya Airport

Konya Airport, which was opened in 2000 with domestic flights, was also opened to international passenger traffic in 2001. The airport is located approximately 20 minutes from the city center and handles 17,520 flights per year. The airport provides services to passengers for both domestic and international flights and has been awarded the Green Organization title by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. There are many companies providing Konya airport car rental services. 

If you are traveling to Konya for tourism, business, or any other reason, you can fly to Konya Airport and quickly reach the city. After you arrive in Konya, you can rent a car at the airport and pick it up as soon as you get off the plane. This way, you will not have to extend your journey by using public transportation or pay a lot of money for taxis. With your rental car, you can reach your desired locations comfortably and quickly and explore the city freely.

Where is Konya Airport?

Konya Airport with the code KYA is located in the Selcuklu district of Konya. It is 18 kilometers away from the city center, and transportation to the city center is quite easy. You can reach the city center from the airport or the airport from the city center through various transportation methods, such as private cars, municipal public transportation vehicles, taxis, and airport shuttles. Renting a car at Konya Airport is one of the most preferred methods for more comfortable and faster transportation. Depending on traffic density, you can reach the city center within 25-30 minutes.

You can complete your transactions within minutes with online car rental reservations and pick up the rental car as soon as you get off the plane. With Konya car rental service, you can also pick up your car from your address or any location you prefer outside the airport. Elitcar Rental offers a wide range of rental cars with different brands, models, and features.

The Most Affordable Car Rental at Konya Airport

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers many privileges to its customers with its professional car rental services. To benefit from affordable airport car rental, free airport rental car delivery, comprehensive and other insurances, 24/7 roadside assistance, the latest model rental car fleet, and many other advantages, choose Elitcar Rental for your car rental needs. The company offers professional solutions for personal and corporate car rental needs and follows a budget-friendly policy with affordable price options. With over 80 rental car delivery points across the country, the company provides a solution for your Konya Airport car rental needs with its affordable prices and latest model rental cars. You can also pick up your rental car from your address or the airport by choosing the most preferred car rental company.

Konya Airport Transportation Guide

Transportation to the city center from Konya Airport, which is located 18 kilometers away, can be provided by various means. Since it is close to the city center, transportation is improving every year. You can easily reach the city center by taxis, private cars, airport shuttles, and municipal buses. However, if you want to make your transportation faster and more comfortable, renting a car at Konya Airport will be a logical choice.

If you are going to spend a few days exploring Konya and its surroundings, you can plan your trip freely with a rental car, without being dependent on public transportation schedules.

Traffic and Driving Rules in Konya

One of the things you should be aware of before renting a car from Konya Airport is the traffic and driving information in Konya. By paying attention to these rules, you can have a safer and more peaceful driving experience.

After picking up your rental car, the first thing you should do before hitting the road is to make sure that both you and the other passengers in the car have their seat belts on for safety. Then, check all the mirrors to ensure there are no blind spots before preparing to set off. While driving, be sure to pay attention to traffic lights, road signs, and speed limits within the city and on the highway. You must follow these rules strictly and never compromise on them. These rules are not just specific to Konya, but are also valid for almost all traffic and driving rules around the world.
At Elitcar Rental, we ensure our rental cars are regularly maintained to prevent unwanted malfunctions on the road and to provide our customers with a safe driving experience.

Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions in Konya

Konya is one of the cities where cultural richness and religious and cultural tours are most frequently organized. It is also one of the oldest settlements in our country, with countless historical, cultural, and natural attractions to visit.

One of the first places you should visit in Konya is the Mevlana Museum. After the Topkapi Palace Museum, Mevlana Museum is the most visited museum, hosting thousands of visitors every year. Some of the other important places to visit include the Alaaddin Mosque, the Sultan Selim Mosque, and the Şems-i Tebrizi Tomb.

You can watch pink flamingos at Tuz Lake and then explore natural beauties at Leylekler Valley, Akşehir Lake, Beyşehir Lake, and Meke Lake. Additionally, you can also visit the only desert in Turkey while in Konya.

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