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Elazig Airport Car Rental Prices

There are many factors that affect the variability of car rental prices at Elazig Airport. The features of the rental car, requested extra features, model, brand, and the length of the car rental period are the main factors that affect the changes in airport car rental prices. 

By visiting our website, you can find out about daily car rental prices. By entering the location and date you will pick up and drop off the rental car, you can filter and see the daily rental prices of rental cars on the page. You can also directly contact our customer representatives for long-term car rentals. You should contact us without wasting time to get special long-term car rental prices and conditions tailored to you. Choose Elitcar Rental to take advantage of affordable airport car rental services.

General Information About Elazig Airport

Elazig Airport, established for military purposes in 1940, started serving for civilian flights in 1960. Located on the Elazig - Diyarbakir highway, the airport is approximately 12 kilometers away from the city center. Elazig Airport serves one million passengers annually, and this number is increasing every year. Domestic and international flights are operated at the airport, which covers an area of ​​16,400 square meters. 

Elazig hosts millions of domestic and foreign visitors every year for tourism and trade purposes. Many visitors generally prefer Elazig Airport for transportation. You can also choose airport car rental service to freely explore Elazig and discover nearby tourist attractions. This way, you won't waste time on the road and you will make the most of your time.

Where is Elazig Airport Located?

One of the questions that many visitors traveling to Elazig wonder about is where is Elazig Airport located? Located on the Elazig-Diyarbakir highway, Elazig Airport is approximately twelve kilometers away from the city center. You can reach the airport by taxi, shuttle, bus, or private car. However, the most comfortable and fast transportation solution is to take advantage of car rental at Elazig Airport. You can take advantage of the online car rental service by defining all your transactions quickly and easily and pick up your rental car as soon as you land. You can also pick up your car from any location or address in Elazig with the car rental service.

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers Elazig Airport car rental service with a wide range of vehicles that will meet all your needs, including manual transmission car rental, automatic transmission car rental, diesel car rental, or gasoline car rental. You can rent a car at Elazig Airport that suits your needs and budget.

Most Affordable Car Rental at Elazig Airport

Elitcar Rental, one of the most preferred car rental companies, offers easy and fast Elazig Airport car rental service with online car rental service. You can pick up your rental car as soon as you arrive in the city with the airport car rental option. If you prefer, you can choose the car delivery option to the address and pick up your car from your doorstep. With Elitcar Rental's wide and expanding vehicle fleet, you can rent any model, brand, fuel type, transmission type, and features of the car within minutes.

There are some factors that make Elitcar Rental one of the most preferred car rental companies. Some of these factors include quality and professional service, a wide range of vehicle fleet, affordable car rental opportunities, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You can also take advantage of cheap car rental opportunities by benefiting from these advantages of Elitcar Rental. The company also provides professional solutions for your corporate car rental needs and reaches an increasing number of customers every day. Choose Elitcar for your Elazig Airport car rental needs and experience the privilege of affordable car rental.

Elazig Airport Transportation Guide

Elazig Airport, which serves more and more passengers every year, is located twelve kilometers away from the city center of Elazig. With the development of the region and the increasing interest in the airport, transportation becomes easier every year. You can choose private vehicles, taxis, airport public transportation vehicles, or municipal public transportation vehicles for transportation from Elazig Airport to the city center or from the city center to the airport. However, one of the most reasonable solutions to reach the airport comfortably and easily is to choose Elazig Airport car rental service. In this way, you can reach your destination faster without wasting your time and without extending your journey. If you are planning to spend a few days exploring Elazig, you can also easily handle your transportation with a rental car.

You can continue your transportation more enjoyable and faster with cheap airport car rental. This way, you can also reach the places you want to go faster. Your transportation in Elazig will be more comfortable with the rental car that suits your needs and requirements.

Elazig Traffic - Driving Rules

One of the things you need to know before renting a car in Elazig is Elazig traffic and driving rules. These rules are actually valid not only in Elazig but also all around the world. For a safe and healthier driving experience, you should first make sure that you and the other people in the vehicle have their seat belts fastened before hitting the road. Another point you should check before hitting the road is to make sure that all the mirrors of the vehicle are checked and there are no blind spots. After all the checks, you can hit the road.

After hitting the road, you should not exceed the city and out of town speed limits and never compromise on this issue. At Elitcar Rental, we attach great importance to the safety of our customers. We regularly maintain all of our rental cars to ensure that our customers have a more comfortable and safe driving experience.

Travel Tips – Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Elazığ

Surrounded by the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Elazığ is a city with natural beauties and historical structures that make it a very attractive destination. There are countless places to visit in Elazığ that offer cultural and historical heritage. 
One of the first places that comes to mind when talking about Elazığ is the Harput Ancient City and Harput Castle. You shouldn't leave without seeing these historical beauties that have become the symbol of Elazığ. Hazar Lake, with a length of approximately 22 kilometers, is another must-see place. This beautiful environment, where blue and green meet, will enchant you with its magnificent atmosphere. Hazarbaba Ski Resort is also one of the important winter tourism destinations. While skiing at the ski resort with a view of the lake, you can also enjoy the view of Hazar Lake. You should also add Golan Hot Springs, Hazarbaba Adventure Park, Keban Dam Lake and Çırçır Waterfall, Saklıkapı Canyon, Black Stork Canyon, Historical Covered Bazaar and Bakırcılar Bazaar to your Elazığ travel list.

Near Airport Hotels

You arrived to the airport with Elazığ Havalimanı car hire service. Where are the nearest hotels ?

Elazığ Havalimanı DoubleTree by Hilton
DoubleTree by Hilton
Nail Bey Mah. Vali Fahribey Cad. No:37
Elazığ Havalimanı Windyhill Hotel & Spa
Windyhill Hotel & Spa
Esentepe Mah. Evren Cad. No:105
Elazığ Havalimanı Grand Aras Otel
Grand Aras Otel
Elazığ Havalimanı Marathon Hotel
Marathon Hotel
no:17 bosna hersek bulvari
Elazığ Havalimanı Birizgarden Otel
Birizgarden Otel
Ataşehir Mh. Malatya Cd. No:89