Diyarbakir Airport Car Rental

Diyarbakir Airport Car Rental Prices

It is not possible to provide an accurate price for Diyarbakir Airport car rental as there are many factors that affect the prices. Factors such as the model, features, requested extras, and the duration of the rental directly affect the airport car rental prices.


To get information about daily car rental prices, you can visit our website and learn the prices of vehicles with different features. By entering the location and date of pick-up and drop-off, you can filter the available vehicles and learn about their daily rental prices. You can also contact our customer representative to get information about long-term car rental prices and learn about special price offers. Choose Elitcar Rental for affordable airport car rental and benefit from many advantages.

General Information About Diyarbakir Airport

Diyarbakir Airport, which has been serving the cities around Diyarbakir since 1952, was initially built for military use and has been operating in this way for a long time. When it was opened to civilian use, it became the largest airport in the Eastern Anatolia region. With the opening of a new terminal building, the airport can now serve approximately five million passengers, serving close to two million passengers annually. Diyarbakir Airport, which serves the cities around Diyarbakir, has separate floors for arriving and departing passengers in its spacious and modern terminal building.

If you want to explore Diyarbakir and the surrounding cities, you can choose Diyarbakir Airport and quickly reach the city by air transportation. Diyarbakir Airport, which has the distinction of being the largest airport in Eastern Anatolia, is often preferred for both tourism and business purposes. You can also rent a car at the airport and start exploring the city as soon as you land.

Where is Diyarbakir Airport?

Diyarbakir Airport, which serves in the civilian and military categories, is located approximately 10 kilometers away from the city center. Transportation from the airport to the city center can be provided by different methods such as private car, taxi, and public buses. If you want to reach the city center faster, you can choose airport car rental service. This way, you will not extend your way with public transportation and at the same time, you will not waste time. You can easily rent a car online and pick up your rental car as soon as you land. Also, with Diyarbakir car rental service, you can pick up your car from your address or a different location outside the airport.
At Elitcar Rental, which has a wide vehicle fleet, you can easily rent a car of your choice in terms of model, gear, fuel type, and features such as automatic transmission car rental, manual transmission car rental, gasoline car rental, or diesel car rental.

The Most Affordable Car Rental at Diyarbakir Airport

Elitcar Rental is one of the most preferred car rental companies with its professional service approach. It provides its customers with many advantages such as 24/7 roadside assistance, a wide range of vehicles, cheap airport car rental, airport car delivery, insurance, and the latest model rental cars. By choosing Elitcar for your car rental needs, you can take advantage of all these privileges. The company, which offers a solution to your personal or corporate car rental needs with the latest model rental cars, is also your solution partner with Diyarbakir Airport cheap car rental service.

By choosing Elitcar Rental, which is one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to airport affordable car rental, you can experience the privilege of affordable car rental. With the online car rental option of the company, which has more than 80 vehicle delivery points throughout the country, you can rent a car at Diyarbakir Airport and start exploring the city freely with your rental car.

Diyarbakir Airport Transportation Guide

Diyarbakir Airport, one of the busiest and largest airports in Eastern Anatolia, serves 5 million passengers per year with its new terminal building. The airport, which is often preferred by people who will go to Diyarbakir or the surrounding cities for reasons such as industry and tourism, is located 10 kilometers away from the city center. Since it is not far from the city center, transportation is quite easy. Transportation can be provided to and from the city center by various means from Diyarbakir Airport. Public transportation, taxis, and buses are some of these ways. However, if you want to continue your transportation faster and more comfortably, you can choose Diyarbakir Airport car rental service. This way, you can explore the city as you wish, while also using your time more efficiently.
Also, if you plan to spend a few days exploring Diyarbakir and the surrounding cities, renting a car is a very logical solution. By choosing a rental car that suits your needs and budget, you can save a lot of money.

What gas stations are near Diyarbakır Airport?
After renting a car at Diyarbakır Airport, you won't have to worry about finding a gas station when picking up or dropping off your car. There are many gas stations belonging to different companies near Diyarbakır Airport rental car return points, parking exits, or close to the airport.

What do you need to rent a car?
To benefit from the airport car rental service, you need to have a valid driver's license or driving permit. Most companies require that your driver's license is valid for at least one year. Then, you can rent a car at the airport by leaving a credit or debit card in your name as a deposit. Renting a car from Elitcar Rental is that easy!

Who pays for the traffic violation when renting a car?
After signing the car rental contract, all responsibility for the car passes to the renter. Therefore, the person who rented the car is responsible for all traffic fines and violations. When the traffic violation is detected, it is determined from the system who was driving the car at that time, and the fine is sent to that person. The person is responsible for paying the fine.

What should you pay attention to when renting a car?
When renting a car, first, you need to determine your budget and needs and filter the rental cars accordingly. Then, by comparing the cars in terms of price and performance, you can choose the one that suits you best. Making your choices in this direction will help you save significantly. You should not neglect to get car rental insurance, which is considered unnecessary by many people. Also, you should read the car rental contract carefully to know which conditions you have accepted. Especially for those who will rent a car for a long time, it is important to consider these factors.

Can I make a reservation for my rental car now and pay later?
You can easily make a reservation for the most suitable car for you within the dates you want through our website. You can also make the payment when you pick up the car. You can also take advantage of early car rental reservations and encounter much cheaper car rental prices.

What should I do in case of an accident?
If you are involved in an accident with the rental car, you should call the car rental company and inform them of the situation and request roadside assistance without moving the car. You should also contact the nearest police officer or gendarme to report the accident and get an alcohol report. The company will send you roadside assistance as soon as possible. If the rental car user is not at fault in the accident, the company will cover the accident expenses.

What should I pay attention to when picking up my rental car?
After completing the car rental procedure, you should pay attention to some points when picking up your car. Before receiving the car, you should carefully examine it to determine if there is any damage. You should report any damages you notice to the staff and have them documented. Then, you should open all the doors, hood, and trunk of the car and check if there are any problems with their mechanisms.

Will I be provided with a replacement car if my rental car breaks down?
If your rental car breaks down, you should contact the car rental company and request roadside assistance. The company will provide you with a new car as soon as possible and tow the broken car away.

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