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Alaçatı is one of the most popular vacation spots in Turkey in recent years and summarizing the activities in Alaçatı for local people and visitors is a very difficult task. Alaçatı has lots of natural beauties and in the meantime it has a very popular historical texture. Oriel Stone Houses (Cumbalı Taş Evler),cobblestone pavements with bougainvilleas are some of the features that represents Alaçatı. Alaçatı is a town tries to protect its texture which is in Çeşme and that is one of the districts of İzmir. Alaçatı is located about 10-15 minutes from Çeşme’ s city center. Alaçatı has its own harbour and Alaçatı’s history goes back to eras of B.C. However this town’s unique texture has been formed in recent years. Alaçatı had a natural disaster in the past and this disaster started Alaçatı’s development. Due to the illness which was formed in Europe’s vineyard and Alaçatı couldn’t benefit from these vineyards. Because of that wine production was interrupted. That’s why people started to look new vineyards locations. Later on Alaçatı became a very important place for wine, olive and olive oil production. Thanks to these fact Alaçatı started to improve.

Alaçatı had a different name in Ancient Eras which was Agrilia. In Ottoman Empire Era this town was called as Piyade Village.Later on this town was called Alacaat Tribe due to the people who moved in this town. Some of the stone houses are still standing in modern day which was built by Greeks that were brought for improving the fields of Alaçatı in Ottoman Empire Era. When Greeks started to settle to Alaçatı, vine cultivation activities started to improve. Because of the exchange process which happened in 1923, Greeks who live in Alaçatı, started to migrate. Town was named as Alatzada by Greeks however newcomers renamed the town as Alaçatı. Business life started to improve with the production of melon and tobacco (tütün) with the help of the newcomers. On the other hand, due to the strong winds in town, Alaçatı became very popular among windsurfers. Thanks to these facts, Alaçatı became a holiday village.   

Historical Places

First things comes to mind about Alaçatı’s history are stone houses and windmills. Stone houses still create the texture of Alaçatı which were built in 1800’s  by the people who were traders. These houses locate at the side of the cobblestone pavements and these houses made from white stones, turquoise windows and filled with the furnitures which are turquoise. Other fact which makes stone houses special is, items of egg white, ,lime, straw and soil were used in construction process. Thanks to these materials, houses stays cool in summers. Most of the stone house which are still standing from the past are being used as hotels.

Almost 2 centuries, windmills which are specific for Alaçatı, became one of the places for the touristic visits. Alaçatı Windmill was built for wheat processing by using wind power. This windmill located at top of the hill which was restored  and became a place for photo shooting and viewing the sunsets.New windmills were built for producing energy from the wind and those new windmills are supporting the old ones in terms of energy.
If you are person who is looking for a historical place or structure in every location you go and decided to go to Alaçatı we recommend you to visit Alaçatı Hacı Memiş Mosque. This mosque was constructed in 1812 by Hacı Memiş Ağa who is a very well known person by the region. You can worship in this mosque which represent Ottoman Architecture. You can also visit Ayios Konstantinos Church also known as Pazaryeri Mosque. This mosque has been transformed into a mosque without damaging the texture of the church which makes this structure very special. (This structure serves as both mosque and church.) If you are in Sakarya Street, you can experience this structure’s different texture.  

Natural Beauties

Alaçatı has lots of magnificent rivers, beaches and streets like the some of the districts in Çeşme. Delikli Bay is one of the magnificent places in Alaçatı which connects the sky and the water in a very spectacular way. This bay took its names from the hole which formed by a stone that was shattered in between two bays. Other than windy places in Alaçatı, Delikli Bay much more warm and calm. That’s why Delikli Bay is a great spot for campers. When Alaçatı was mentioned as a topic, first thing comes to mind is windsurfing. There is a very popular place for professional windsurfers which is Yumru Bay. In addition to this “World Windsurfing Championship” is also being organized in this bay. If you don’t like wind, we recommend you a different place such as Aya Yorgi Bay which has a calm weather and a warm sea. Also this bay hosts lots of enjoyable beaches.  

While you are walking on cobblestone pavements, bougainvillea and pelargonium aromas will follow you. You won’t want to leave the streets that are full of stone houses which have its own kind of aromas. You can have this unique experience in Kemalpaşa Street. You can start shopping from the stores and boutiques which have same texture with the street and after that you can rest and feed yourself in one of the restaurants in the street which have magnificent cuisines.    

What to eat, What to drink ?

Alaçatı is a small holiday village however there are different flavour alternatives in its content. In its cuisine, you can experience the business life of Alaçatı which is coming from the past. Olive cultivation ,olive oil business is very popular in Alaçatı so that you can taste lots of olive oil dishes in Alaçatı’s cuisine and we highly recommend you to taste olive oil dishes. Fish, Eggplant Patty, Boyoz, Albanian Style Fried Diced Liver (Arnavut Ciğeri) and İzmir Meatball are some of the most popular dishes in Alaçatı cuisine. After all these dishes, we recommend you to have Turkish Coffee with Gum Mastic with Almond Cookie. However you need to make a reservation for these restaurants in order to enjoy these flavours because especially in summer finding a place in these restaurants is very difficult. 

Sports and Adventure

Alaçatı is very famous at worldwide in terms of Windsurfing and it is not just limited by Turkey. Yumru Bay is very popular windsurfing area and it hosts lots of professional windsurfers. In addition to this Yumru Bay hosts lots schools and education places for the people who want to become a professional Windsurfer. If you are interested in extreme sports you can find suitable places for your sports activities in Alaçatı. Other than windsurfing, Mountain Cycling, Sky Surfing, Kite Flying and Cliff Diving are also activities you can do in Alaçatı. You can get professional help for the activities you would like to participate.      

How to go to Alaçatı ?

You can go to Alaçatı from Istanbul by using Route E881 and the journey will take approximately 5 hours 40 minutes. Alaçatı is 70 km away from İzmir, 640 km away from Istanbul, 660 km away from Ankara and 410 km away from Bursa. Also you can use intercity bus or airway instead of using personal vehicle. If you have a special reservation for your holiday you can also use transfer vehicles. If you prefer going Alaçatı by your car or a rental car you can reach Alaçatı from İzmir-Çeşme Highway. There is no airport in both Çeşme and Alaçatı however when you land to Adnan Menderes Airport you can use Municipality Bus or HAVAŞ for reaching the Alaçatı however if you want to have a comfortable journey and having a comfortable transportation type in your holiday period, we recommend you to rent a car. You can make your rental from the airport or you can make a reservation for your car. Best solution for rental process is making a reservation for your car and picking up from the airport.

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