Zafer Airport Car Rental

The Zafer Airport is located within the borders of Kütahya province. It is situated in the district of Altıntaş and has an international status. It not only serves Kütahya but also meets the needs of the cities of Uşak and Afyonkarahisar. Its services to the three major cities have made it the country's first regional airport. The project was initially announced to be completed in 36 months; however, it was completed and delivered in 18 months. With its capacity and runway width, it is the fourth largest airport in the country. It is located 45 kilometers away from the city center of Kütahya. The runway lengths and conditions are suitable for weather conditions. It was built with a capacity to carry 3 million passengers per year and serves more than 2 million passengers annually on domestic and international flights.


Since the opening of the airport, commercial and cultural activities have accelerated for Uşak, Kütahya, and Afyon. Investments in the region have increased, and its potential has expanded. While the project was still under construction, the management company IC İçtaş Zafer International Airport Investment and Operation Inc. prepared for the "Green Airport Project" and finally received the "Green Institution" title. This certificate requires airports to be environmentally friendly and for employees to act in accordance with this purpose.

The first international flight from the airport was carried out by Turkish Airlines with 181 passengers to Medina. Shortly after the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation launched the "Accessible Airport" project, Zafer Airport received its certification. This certificate is based on the implementation of the necessary physical conditions for disabled individuals to use the airport seamlessly. After passing the necessary inspections and assessments, Zafer Airport received its certification for the project launched in 2012.

There are shuttles available for transportation to Zafer Airport from city centers. Other alternatives include transfer and car rental.

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