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Bodrum is one of the important tourism centers of Turkey, which is one of the districts of Muğla. It starts welcoming visitors in the spring before the summer months arrive. Until the end of the summer, it is swarmed by domestic and foreign tourists. Bodrum's ancient name is Halikarnassos. Its historical past started with the Dorians according to Herodotus, the world's most famous historian. Caria and Megeralians later dominated Bodrum. Bodrum, which was an important center during the Persian, Roman, and Byzantine periods, came under Ottoman rule during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. After the declaration of the Republic, it was named Bodrum. The history of the name Bodrum dates back to ancient times. The Latin name of St. Peter, Sanctum Petrum, was given to Bodrum at that time, and the name was first Petrum and then Bodrum.

Historical Places in Bodrum

Bodrum offers visitors a variety of options with its turquoise waters, turquoise houses, coves, beaches, and historical sites. There are endless activities to do in Bodrum during the stay. Bodrum Castle, located in the center of Bodrum, is one of the top places to visit. Bodrum Castle, with its unique architecture, impresses its viewers. The city view from the castle, built by the Knights of Rhodes, is unique. Buildings such as a church, mosque, bath, and prison were built inside. The castle, which is the symbol of Bodrum, is currently used as a museum. It is used as the Underwater Archaeology Museum, and artifacts from past periods are exhibited. There are 14 exhibition sections and thousands of artifacts in the museum. Admission is charged.

The Halicarnassus Mausoleum is a unique structure that combines Greek and Egyptian architecture. It was built in memory of King Mausolus. The term Mausoleum began to spread after him. The monument, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, must be added to the list of places to visit in Bodrum. Ancient cities, such as Bodrum, which are cultural centers, are still rare places that are preserved. The Ancient Theater, which has a capacity of 13,000 people and dates back to the Classical period, is such a structure. The Ancient Theater is especially beautiful during festivals and concert times. It is also a different feeling to know that various events were held here in the past. Myndos (Mindos) Ancient City, located in Gümüşlük, is a structure that connects the Aegean and Mediterranean. It is possible to come across the traces of mosaic, ceramic, and columns from the Leleg and Byzantine periods. The ancient city is currently used as a fishing village. Pedasa Ancient City, another historical ruin, is difficult to reach compared to other ancient cities. It can be reached by private car and a 1-hour walk. We recommend you see the tombs in the ancient city that have been preserved since the Leleg period.

If your path leads to Türkbükü or Milas after perfect beaches, be sure to visit Madnasa and Iasos ancient cities. If you want to witness a more recent history, Zeki Müren Museum is waiting to welcome visitors. The house of Zeki Müren, the Sun of Art, who fell in love and spent his last days in Bodrum, was turned into a museum in 200 years. Zeki Müren's personal belongings, stage costumes, and similar items are exhibited in the museum.

The Natural Beauty of Bodrum

One of the main reasons why Bodrum is loved and even chosen as a permanent residence is its natural beauty. The unique bays, beaches, and the blue sea make Bodrum always fascinating. Turgut Reis, Türkbükü, Gümüşlük and many other places can be added to your Bodrum itinerary. In places like Bodrum, where natural beauty abounds, you may never get enough of your vacation. If you're visiting for the first time, there may be places you won't be able to visit due to limited time.

Gümüşlük Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Bodrum with its restaurants and entertainment venues. It is beautiful both during the day and at night. We recommend that you have dinner in Gümüşlük or listen to music by checking out the events. If not, we suggest just taking a walk along the Gümüşlük bay. Don't forget to visit Rabbit Island while you're there. You can walk to the island via the King's Road, which is made up of pieces of Myndos Ancient City. It is particularly beautiful because the road goes over the sea. 

If you're in places like Gümbet and Bitez, which offer both sea, sand, sun and entertainment, we suggest you also see Aquarium Bay. The reason for its name is that we can even see the creatures swimming in the crystal-clear waters. You can reach the bay by Blue Cruise boats. On the other hand, if you are in places like Türkbükü, Gümbet, and Bitez, be sure to attend a beach party. Other places visited by boat tours include Karaincir, Camel, Meteor, Cennet Koyu, and Orak Island. We recommend taking a boat tour to see these bays. Turgut Reis, Ilgınlar Beach, Güvercinlik, and other places offer alternative options for camping enthusiasts. Don't forget to say goodbye to Yalıkavak by taking a long walk from the harbor while enjoying the amazing view of the sunset. 

Sports and Adventure in Bodrum

Sailing, diving, trekking, camping, windsurfing, and many other alternatives can add excitement to your Bodrum trip. Bodrum is one of the best diving spots with most of its bays having blue flags. Küçük Reef, which is rich in fauna and flora, is one of the best diving spots in the country and the world. Orak Island, Kurt Burnu, Büyük Raif, and Delikli Mağara are diving areas where you can directly witness different animal species and natural beauties. Yalıkavak and Turgut Reis offer different alternatives for water sports enthusiasts. We recommend that you participate in sailing competitions held every year in Yalıkavak. On the other hand, we suggest that you sail in a unique bay like Akyarlar if you are a sailing enthusiast. Similarly, you can also do windsurfing in different areas of Bodrum.

What's New, What to Drink in Bodrum

Olive oil dishes, plenty of seafood.. If you are in an Aegean city, you will eat plenty of these in the kitchen. Moreover, you will eat the best of them. Bodrum is famous for its olive oil dishes and fish. We recommend that you do not leave Bodrum without eating fish, vegetable kebab, stuffed zucchini flowers, mandarin jam, and lokma. We strongly recommend mandarin delight, which you can find everywhere

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