Welcome to Adana ! Adana is one of the cities in Turkey which represents Turkey’s nature, people and most importantly Adana has its own unique cuisine which gives pleasure to the visitors. Of course there are lots of different contents in Adana but we will summarize the Mediterranean’ s eximious city Adana’s contents for you in this article. You can start planning your holiday for more. When you arrive at the city we recommend you to have this mini guide with you that we prepared for you and getting benefit from our car rental service in Adana will help you not to miss the places you should see.  

Adana is 6th largest city in Turkey in terms of farming and commerce which is very advanced. Adana is a very attractive place for your holiday in terms of natural beauties , commerce opportunities and cultural centers.Let’s look at the touristic highlights of the Adana together.

Places to Visit

We highly recommend you to visit one of the most popular place in Adana which is Stone Bridge. This bridge is an architectural beauty and it is one of the oldest bridge in world which is located at the top of the Seyhan River. Another place you should visit is Adana Center Park which is very popular in terms of trees and plants. Also there is an another place which is located at the south part of the park. This place carries the title of “the Biggest Mosque” in Turkey and Middle East which is Sabancı Center Mosque. On the other hand, The Big Clock Tower (1882-), Kazancılar Bazaar, Ulu Mosque which has opened in 1541 for praying, Bebekli Church which was built in 1880’s will help you to understand the structure of the city better.Also there museums are in Adana which are waiting for your visit.House of Atatürk, Archaeological Museum and Cinema Museum are the museums that we can recommend to you. While mentioning the cinema let's not skip Adana’s most popular film festival which is International Adana Film Festival.While making your holiday plan you should reconsider about this film festival which takes place in September.

There are some other touristic places which are not in Adana however they are very close to Adana.If you come to the city without a car, you can use our car rental service in Adana so that you can have enjoyable trips to the places which we mentioned earlier such as Anavarza the Ancient City which is 70 km to Adana.This city was one of the most important city of Anatolia in 2nd Century A.D and the remnants of the city still continue to host lots of visitors.Another historical place is Snake Castle.This is the place which Şahmeran Legend took place and it is located in the shore of the Ceyhan River.    

Is it really hot ?

Yes. Adana is very hot in summers and some people in Adana are tried to shoot the sun :) If you go Adana in summer, the air conditioner of the car that you rent from our car rental service in Adana will be your best friend in the road.Except summer, spring and fall seasons are best times for having pleasure in Adana. In addition to this, winter is not very cold in Adana. While travelling Adana in April and May, orange smell will accompany in your journey.

Where to stay ?

Adana is a city which hosts lots of visitors from both abroad or domestic and you can find lots of suitable accommodation places for your liking and budget. You can find accommodation places in the city center’s dynamic streets or you can find places to stay in calm parts of the city.

What to eat ?

Adana has one of the most ambitious cuisine in Turkey. First let’s start with ADANA KEBAB. Of course that’s not all.Liver (ciğer), Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun),Shirdan (Şırdan), Mumbar, Stuffed Meatballs (İçli Köfte), Beyti Kebab, Kadayıf (Dessert), Bici Bici (A dessert which will cool you off in summer) Turnip Juice etc. are the iconic meals in Adana. Have a nice meal !

How to go Adana ?

Adana is a center in terms of  both culture and commerce so that reaching Adana is very easy. You can use airlines, highways or railways (from some provinces ) to reach Adana. Adana Airport is very close to the city center and this fact makes the visitors very satisfied. When you reach the city, you can rent a car from our car rental service in Adana and hit the road with your car. In addition to this there is no traffic jam in the city:) 

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